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The 25 best funny Among Us name ideas

Having issues coming up with a name for Among Us?

Among Us does not have many methods for letting a player stand out. Each character in a lobby will have a different color, and they can choose from a limited but growing list of cosmetic items, but other than that, everyone looks like the same Crewmate. That is part of the charm of the game that helped make it a big success. With that in mind, that can make your name choice one of the more important, but underappreciated factors of the game. Communication is key, so how will people refer to you? Here are 25 of our favorite names to use in Among Us.

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Best Funny Among Us names

There are all kinds of funny references and memes you can pull out when trying to find a name to use in Among Us. Luckily, changing your username is quick and can be done as many times as you want. If you don’t want to use just your usual gamertag, consider one of the below name options.

  • Blankname
  • Blueissus
  • Cantgetme
  • Dont run
  • HideNSeek
  • Ikilledhim
  • I did it
  • Impasta
  • Innocent
  • InVented
  • Kinda Sus
  • Me
  • Red (or any color that you are not)
  • Rocketman
  • ScaRed
  • Sherlock
  • Skip
  • Spaaaaaace
  • The mungus
  • Tim Curry (reference to Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3)
  • Trust me
  • UnImpostor
  • Vote Cyan (or another color)
  • Who
  • Why

Your name in Among Us is usually how people will refer to you to accuse you or ask you questions. Especially in lobbies with random people, you can use this opportunity to change the conversation or votes to go to another player and cause some chaos. It won’t work all of the time, but if anyone is not paying attention, you can really mess things up in a beautiful way.

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