All Baseball Clash Cheats: How To Win Baseball Clash


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Baseball Clash is a mobile title where you can play baseball with a custom team. Whether against other teams or a computer enemy, all the basic building blocks are there for a baseball fan’s mobile game. Whether you’re getting started for the first time or are looking for ways to step up your game, we have a few things that can help below in your Baseball Clash endeavors.

How To Win At Baseball Clash

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Winning games at Baseball Clash comes down to patience and strategy. While you can pay money to win and find the best players automatically, our advice is meant for those who want to play the game organically and improve. Below we have just a few brief tips of advice for how to win at Baseball Clash:

Be Conservative With Bases

It may be tempting to go for the home run every chance you get. However, in Baseball Clash, it’s often best that you hold back and load the bases first. Being aware of the field is the first step into scoring consistently once you get more powerful players on your team. When in doubt, let the computer run the bases for you.

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Play Your Best Players

While you may not have any players to brag about when you first start the game, you will later if you play the game enough. When you accumulate better players, always try to put them at the forefront of the action. If you use players with better stats, you’re more likely to unlock Legendary Chests, and cash those in for even better players.

Cash in Your Chests

There’s no point in saving any Chest you obtain after finishing a game. Since there’s no benefit to holding onto them, always try to cash in your Chests before every next game. Who knows, you might pull something particularly good that can help you secure some more in the future.