All Battle Items in Pokémon Unite – how to get them, and what they do

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Battle Items in Pokémon Unite are special abilities/items that players can choose to bring into a battle with them. They can unlock them by level up through the various Trainer ranks, and they will allow them to do specific actions during the match.

Each item has a cooldown, and once used, it cannot be used again for the duration of the cooldown. These items should be used to compliment your playstyle and the tactics you are using in any given match. You may only bring one Battle Item into a game with you, so make sure you pick carefully.

Unlike other items in the game, you cannot level up the Battle Items, their effect will be the same all game, and the cooldown will also remain the same.

ItemEffectCooldownUnlock Level
PotionRestore some of your Pokemon’s health30 seconds 4
X-AttackRaises your Pokemon’s Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time.40 seconds 7
X-SpeedRaises your Pokemon’s movement speed for a short time.50 seconds 8
Fluffy TailIt makes wild Pokemon incapacitated for a short time and increases the damage done to that Pokemon25 seconds 10
Eject ButtonQuickly moves your Pokemon in the designated location. (League of Legends fans can consider this to be flash)55 seconds11
Slowing SmokeReleases a smokescreen, greatly lowering the movement speed of nearby enemy Pokemon.40seconds 13
Full HealRemoves All Hindrances affecting your Pokemon40 seconds14
Goal AcceleratorTemporarily doubles your goal-scoring speed.120 seconds16