All battlefield locations in Star Wars: Squadrons

Do battle in brand new places.

All battlefield locations in Star Wars Squadrons

Image via Electronic Arts

Star Wars: Squadrons brings dogfights and intense space battles to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. With fierce contests set to take place across the Star Wars universe, there are plenty of locations where fierce fights can be contested.

If you’re curious about which areas of the Star Wars universe will act as a backdrop to your battles, we’ve got you covered. There will be six locations at launch, and each one will either be an iconic location or a never-seen-before one.

Yavin Prime

A gas giant in the Outer Rim. One of its moons, Yavin 4, was home to the Rebel Alliance’s main base of operations in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. It’s no surprise, then, to see this place feature in Squadrons.


A brand new region for Squadrons, and one that has been under Imperial control for 10 years. Esseles houses a listening post within the planet’s icy rings, which has been there since the Galactic Civil War. The Rebel Alliance will be keen to destroy it and thwart the Empire’s eavesdropping plans.

Nadiri Dockyards

A starship manufacturing base situated in the Bormea sector. The dockyards have been mentioned in Star Wars audiobooks before, but this is the first time it has physically appeared in the franchise. It aligned with the New Republic following their victory at the Battle of Endor, so the Empire will be keen to break their stranglehold on it.


Another planetary debut. It’s the seventh object in the Bormea sector’s Chandrila system and is surrounded by a debris field of destroyed Galactic Empire starships. A minefield to navigate for those who pilot starcruisers and other hefty ships.


A former moon that has been ripped apart by the nearby Ringula Nebula. Molten fragments are scattered across the region, and any starships will have to quick and nimble to progress through this field of debris without sustaining damage. Another new region for Squadrons players to explore and fight in.

Zavian Abyss

The final location is found in the Expansion Region. A dangerous area complete with asteroids surrounded by an electrical maelstrom, the Zavian Abyss is another graveyard for starcruisers and other massive spacecraft. Enter at your peril.