All Chalupacabra venture challenges in Saints Row

The Food Network’s next hit show.

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The Chalupacabra in Saints Row is a good way for your crew to get into the drug distribution market in Santo Ileso. Here, you’ll be delivering your drugs to multiple buyers through food trucks, but a handful of competitors already have the same idea. You’ll want to go out of your way to promote your business and run everyone else out. This guide covers all Chalupacabra venture challenges you must complete in Saints Row.

How to complete all Chalupacabra venture challenges

You must complete multiple challenges to boost your Chalupacabra venture and earn more money. You will need to work through these tasks for the Chalupacabra venture challenges.

  • Steal the King’s Food Truck
  • Steal Weenie’s Food Truck
  • Steal Sammy’s Food Truck
  • Steal Twisty’s Food Truck
  • Eliminate five threats surrounding Chalupacabra

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Similar to the other ventures in Saints Row, you will want to remove the five threats in the territory. These threats hover around your venture, and you will want to remove them before moving on to the other tasks. We recommend this because your venture’s overall income will greatly increase by doing this, giving you more money in the long run.

After you’ve done that, the first task you need to do is steal the King’s Food Truck. You can find the location on your map, indicated by the food truck symbol. It should be in the Lakeside North territory, and you can start the mission at any point after placing down the Chalupacabra venture. When you arrive, you’ll have to eliminate all the guards protecting the food truck before taking it back to your Chalupacabra establishment, using it for your business. Along the way, the King’s food truck will pursue you, forcing you to fight them across town, and when you arrive back at Chalupacabra.

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Once you’ve done this mission, you now need to steal the Weenie’s, Sammy’s, and Twisty’s vans. These missions are in Old Town West, Monte Vista, and East Flats. They will follow the same patterns as the previous King’s mission. When you grab them all, return to Chalupacabra, and you can complete the venture challenges.