How to unlock the Vindicator in Saints Row – Forgotten Prototype

Someone’s forgotten science experiment is your gain.

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The Vindicator is an unlockable vehicle you can find in Saints Row. It’s a featured reward for completing the Forgotten Prototype challenge, where you will need to locate five broken car parts and put the vehicle back together. These locations are hidden all over the Badlands North region, and you’ll need to find each one to gain access to this vehicle and start driving it around Santo Ileso. This guide covers unlocking the Vindicator in Saints Row and completing the Forgotten Prototype challenge.

All Forgotten Prototype locations in Saints Row

There are five Forgotten Prototype parts you need to find. The broken-down miniature turbines indicate these parts you can find in the Badlands North region. We recommend bringing a car you’re comfortable with driving off-road while searching for these parts.

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Forgotten Prototype location 1

You can find the first Forgotten Prototype part in the southern part of the Badlands North region. It will be close to the border of the Badlands North and West Flats, right before you enter the city. This is a good starting location, but you can find these parts in any order.

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Forgotten Prototype location 2

You won’t have to go too far for the next part. Make your way to the northeast of your current position, and you can find the second location on top of a hill.

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Forgotten Prototype location 3

The third part will also take you further north. You will need to go to the west this time and make your way to a bridge where you can find the third Forgotten Prototype part.

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Forgotten Prototype location 4

The fourth part is much further away than the other locations. Luckily, it’s a straight shot north. You can follow the railroad, and right before you make your way off the map, you should find the fourth part.

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Forgotten Prototype location 5

The final Forgotten Prototype part will be slightly different than the others. Rather than making your way north, you’ll be heading to the west, up a large hill. You should be able to see the broken-down turbine from this location, though. When you arrive, you will discover the final part.

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Now that you have all five parts, you can access the Vindicator vehicle anytime. It will be available at any garage you visit in Saints Row, and you can take it out for a drive. We recommend upgrading it so it can gain access to the best stats.