All changes coming to Be a Pro in NHL 21

The mode is getting a much-needed overhaul.

NHL 21 launches worldwide on October 16, and just two weeks before its release, EA released new details on the game’s Be a Pro mode. Be a Pro is getting a significant overhaul in 2020, as quite a few new features have been added to a mode that has been seemingly neglected by EA Sports over the past few years. So what changes should NHL players expect to Be a Pro come October 16? Let’s go over all the changes that are coming to Be a Pro in NHL 21.

Career can begin in North America or Europe

For years, NHL’s Be a Pro has only offered two options when it comes to starting your character’s career. You could either kickstart your journey in the CHL, or jump straight to an NHL team and go from there. In NHL 21, players can either start out in North America in the CHL or NHL, or head to Europe and try to prove your worth to prospective teams in pro leagues across the Atlantic Ocean.

New conversation system

In a new NHL 21 trailer on October 1, EA Sports detailed some of the new changes coming to Be a Pro, including its new conversation system, which is designed to allow players to make their own decisions and pave their own path. As part of this system, players will converse with teammates, upper management, and members of the media, and you will be able to choose what to say to these individuals and how you want your player to act.

These decisions and actions will not only affect your character off the rink, but on-ice as well. Suppose one of your teammates asks you whether or not you want to spend a night out on the town. If you accept, this could lead to boosted teammate likeablilty, and in turn, more passes to you during a game.

A look at the new conversation dialog screen. (Screenshot via EA Sports)

On top of these conversations, you can also make promises to players, coaches, and management. Fulfill those promises, and you’ll be able to grow your brand and acquire new endorsement deals. But if your character fails to deliver, it might come back to bite you, especially if you were a little too confident and over-promised.

Build your brand, and you can score some sweet endorsement deals. (Screenshot via EA Sports)

Expectations will be set in real time

While expectations in Be a Pro aren’t exactly a new feature, the system has been expanded in NHL 21. Throughout games, coaches will let you know what is expected from you based upon what has gone previously in the game. If you fulfill these expectations, you will see boosts in your relationships with management and teammates, and you should also see some increased playing time as well.

Player/coach conversations will change, depending on the score and situation. (Screenshot via EA Sports)

Season storylines will follow you along the way

Another new feature in Be a Pro is the addition of season storylines. These storylines will affect the conversations that you partake in throughout the season. In addition, you’ll also have to hear about all the conversations the media is having about your character. And, you’ll also be able to watch your character win and accept awards that are won throughout Be a Pro mode.