All Chapter 1: Desert Dream crossroad choices in As Dusk Falls

Know your options.


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As Dusk Fall is a narrative game that’s all about choices. There are many decisions to make, all of which will affect the ending you get. This guide explains what every choice in Chapter 1: Desert Dream is and the outcomes of those choices.

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All Chapter 1: Desert Dream Crossroad choices

Below we’ve listed every choice you’ll encounter in As Dusk Falls Chapter 1: Desert Dream in order. Below the choice, you’ll see the outcomes of each decision.

Should you go with Jim or stay with Michelle?

Once you arrive at the motel, you can choose to go for a walk with Jim or stay at the motel for a while with Michelle.

  • Go with Jim: By going with Jim you’ll learn a little about his and Vince’s relationship. Jim also tells Vince about a medical problem and asks to come and live with him, something you won’t have expected from Jim’s attitude so far.
  • Stay with Michelle: If you stay with Michelle, you learn the same facts about Jim, but Jim will feel hurt that Vince didn’t want to go for a walk with him when asked.

After a while, the motel is stormed by robbers.

Follow Orders?

As soon as the motel is stormed, you have a choice to make.

  • Do it: If you follow orders and get on the ground, you’ll get a flashback to 30 minutes ago.
  • Refuse: Vince is punched, and you’ll get a flashback to 30 minutes ago.

Should you enter the Code?

During the flashback, Jay finds the safe in the house, but he no longer has the code.

  • No code: Jay gets caught by the sheriff, and Dale is on his knees while the sheriff calls for backup.
  • 5926: Enter this code to find out that the safe is filled with cash.

Should you fight off the sheriff or run to the door?

Tyler has a chance to fight off the sheriff or run.

  • Fight off the sheriff: Jay will grab a candle stick and batter the sheriff so you can escape.
  • Run to the door: Jay grabs the gun and shoots the sheriff.

Should you drop the gun or point it?

Now you have a choice to point the gun used to frighten Vince right back at the criminals.

  • Point it: Jay enters the motel and distracts Joyce simultaneously. Jay hits Joyce, disarming her, and Tyler disarms Vince, sending him to the ground with a threat never to touch his things again.
  • Drop it: Jay enters the motel and distracts Joyce as he does. Tyler then hits her and stuns her. Finally, he shoves Vince unharmed to the ground.

Should you calm the dog or calm Dale?

Dale is getting aggravated that Jim’s dog, Zeus, is barking uncontrollably. You now have a choice to calm one of them.

  • Calm dog: Zeus doesn’t really calm down, and Dale keeps getting mad, threatening him with his gun. Joyce then rials him up some more.
  • Calm Dale: Joyce continues to provoke Dale, and he points the gun at her, only getting angrier.

Should you quiet Zeus or ask Joyce to back off?

Things are getting heated, and this feels like a final decision.

  • Ask Joyce to back off: Joyce won’t calm down, but you do get the option to remind her about her son.
  • Quiet Zeus: After a couple of interactions, Zeus will calm down. Vince then has to tape Joyce’s mouth shut, though he can refuse and make Dale do it, but he’ll be knocked out.

Should you say it’s just your dad or your family?

Tyler notices Vince’s luggage and demands to know who else is with him.

  • My family: Tyler gets Dale to search the rooms and tells Vince he doesn’t like that he sold out his family.
  • Just my dad: Everyone backs Vince up on this option, but Tyler is still antagonistic towards him.
  • The circus: Vince tries to make a joke, but Tyler doesn’t like it. Despite this, the others back this choice.

Should you leave the evidence or hide the evidence?

A cop shows up, and the robbers panic.

  • Hide evidence: Vince kicks the evidence under the table, and the cop doesn’t see it.
  • Leave evidence: The cop plays ball but whispers to Vince that he’s going to call for backup in his car.

Should you beg, attack Tyler, or grab Tyler’s gun?

Vince is put into a difficult position.

  • Beg: Vince begs Tyler to take him instead, but he won’t.
  • Grab his gun: Complete the QTE, and Vince will grab the gun, confronting and impressing Tyler.
  • Attack Tyler: Vince rushes Tyler, and if you succeed at the QTEs, you’ll end up with Vince holding the shotgun.

Should you shoot Tyler or surrender?

Vince is now in a very difficult position.

  • Shoot Tyler: Vince pulls the trigger, and the screen fades to black.
  • Surrender: Tyler takes back the gun and points it at Vince. He pulls the trigger, but there’s no shot, so he survives.