Full Achievements list for As Dusk Falls – Secret achievement requirements and more

Multiple playthroughs required.

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As Dusk Falls is a game that likes to focus solely on your actions and decisions. While the story would lead you down the road, the turns and twists you make along the way are decided by your choices. If you are an achievement hunter, you will notice that there are a lot of secret achievements in this game. These are hidden to keep the list from spoiling people, but you should know it is impossible to get every achievement on one playthrough. Here is a complete list of every achievement in As Dusk Falls and how to unlock them.

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As Dusk Falls full achievement list

Warning: significant story spoilers ahead.

  • And So It Begins… – Completed Chapter 1 (30G)
  • Cop Out – Big Sam killed by Tyler at Desert Dream (20G)
  • Message Received – Alerted Big Sam without raising Tyler’s suspicion (20G)
  • Tables Turned – Vince managed to get the gun from Tyler (20G)
  • Point Blank – Vince failed to get the gun from Tyler (20G)
  • Code Breaker – Used the safe code to open Dante’s safe (10G)
  • Smooth Criminal – Got the money without alerting Dante (10G)
  • Bungled – Failed to execute the perfect burglary (20G)
  • Caught in a Trap – Completed Chapter 2 (30G)
  • Paging Dr. Walker – Successfully removed the bullet for Michelle (10G)
  • What’s Your Emergency? – Escaped your bindings (10G)
  • Dodged A Bullet – Warned Dale about the sniper on the water tower (20G)
  • Lifesaver – Michelle reached the hospital for treatment (20G)
  • Keeping The Faith – Trusted Michelle about her relationship with Bruce (20G)
  • What’s Done is Done – Forgave Michelle for her affair with Bruce (20G)
  • Unforgivable – Didn’t forgive Michelle for her affair with Bruce (20G)
  • New Dawn – Completed Chapter 3 (30G)
  • Better the Devil You Know – Told the Holts about Dante’s pager (10G)
  • Long Arm of the Law – Kept the pager hidden from the Holts (10G)
  • Second Chance – Vince and Michelle saved their marriage (10G)
  • She’s Coming with Us – Zoe was taken hostage by the Holts (20G)
  • Take Me Instead – Vince convinced the Holts to take him as their hostage (20G)
  • Resurrection – Helped the stranger to rise from the grave  (10G)
  • Buried Alive – Jay buried the stranger alive (20G)
  • From Dusk ’til Dawn – Completed Chapters 1-3 of As Dusk Falls (60G)
  • Into the Woods – Completed Chapter 4 (30G)
  • Invincible – Vince survived the Desert Dream (10G)
  • Once a Holt – Refuse to abandon your family at the cabin shootout (10G)
  • Brothers in Arms – Stop Tyler falling from the tree (10G)
  • Hands in the Air – Jay surrendered to the cops (20G)
  • No Going Back – Jay killed the cop who tried to arrest him (20G)
  • Trail of Breadcrumbs – Ash revealed the cabin’s existence to Dante (20G)
  • Cabin? What Cabin?  – Ash didn’t reveal the cabin’s existence to Dante (20G)
  • Runaways – Completed Chapter 5 (30G)
  • Bullseye – Win the darts challenge with the trucker (10G)
  • Plead the 5th – Refused to confess to Bradley (10G)
  • Heart to Heart – Jay and Vanessa fell in love (10G)
  • You’re On Your Own – Jay and Vanessa went their separate ways at the campground (20G)
  • Bonnie and Clyde – Vanessa decided to go to Canada with Jay (20G)
  • Cuba Libre – Paul escaped to Cuba with Sharon (20G)
  • Jailbird – Sharon was captured by Dante (20G)
  • Past, Tense – Completed Chapter 6 (30G)
  • Breaking Bread – Zoe shared a meal with Jay (20G)
  • Most Wanted – Zoe reported Jay’s whereabouts to the authorities (20G)
  • Stay of Execution – Jay’s execution was called off at the last second (20G)
  • Enough is Enough – Zoe didn’t stay to witness Jay’s execution (20G)
  • Into the Wild – Escaped the FBI and made it to Canada (20G)
  • Free Bird – Forest ranger let Jay escape to Canada (20G)
  • Almost Made It – Jay got arrested at the border (20G)
  • End of the Road? – Completed Chapters 4-6 of As Dusk Falls (60G)