All Chongqing shortcuts in Hitman 3

Infiltrating the streets of China.

Chongqing is one of the most visually appealing locations in Hitman 3. Agent 47 sets out to infiltrate ICA’s main data facility, which is under the control of Hush and Imogen Royce. As players sneak through the streets of China, they can use a number of shortcuts to make traversal easier.

Shortcuts help players in making an easier path to locations that are harder to reach. There are a total of three shortcuts in Chongqing, and they are scattered across the map. Here is how to unlock the shortcuts in Chongqing in Hitman 3.

The crowbar

How to get the crowbar

Just like the shortcuts in the other locations, you need a crowbar in Chongqing as well. However, the crowbar is quite easy to find in Chongqing. All you need to do is track the Impulse Control story from the Mission Stories menu and follow the objective marker. This will lead you to a small area where a few homeless people will be talking. Right beside the fire, you will see the crowbar lying on a sack.

All Chongqing shortcuts in Hitman 3

Block Ladder shortcut

The Block Ladder

After you have picked up the crowbar:

  1. Use the ladder to go upstairs and then climb through the window into the building.
  2. Once you are inside, head inside, and you will find a room on the left with a Street guard, a Researcher, and a few other people.
  3. Take the guard out and climb through the window in front of you.

On the left side of the area, you will find a lock which you need to break with the crowbar to unlock the Block Ladder.

Inner Courtyard shortcut

Inner Courtyard

Right near the Inner Courtyard, you will find a narrow path with a guard leaning against the wall. Head left, and you will find a lock. Break the lock using the crowbar to unlock the Inner Courtyard shortcut.

Facility Elevator Shaft shortcut

Facility Elevator Shaft

This shortcut is a bit tricky to unlock. You need first to enter the facility from the inner courtyard area. Make sure you are disguised as a facility guard. Head right and go straight near the two guards. The guards will frisk you and from there vault into the Tier 1 Security section. There is a screwdriver at the left end of the room, which you need to pick up. Once you have the screwdriver, go to the farther end of the room and into the door on the left. Open the Elevator and drop down.

Use the pipe to climb up and grab a ledge. Keep moving across the ledge until you reach a small area with a vent. Interact with the vent to unlock and then vault over it to reach an area with a locked door. Unlock the door to unlock the Facility Elevator Shaft shortcut. This is one of the most useful shortcuts in the game.