All Cursed Chest location in the Forgotten Woods in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There are two Cursed Chests to discover in the Forgotten Forest.


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Every location in Kena: Bridge of Spirits has Cursed Chests. These chests have a requirement to open them, like fight off a group of enemies within a certain time limit or survive without getting hit. There are two Cursed Chests to discover in the Forgotten Woods section of the game. Here are the locations.

Near the Fishing Shrine

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After you meet up with Rusu after getting to the Forgotten Forest, follow the path to the left and go past the corrupted gate. Don’t stop when you see the tiny bit of land in the river with a corrupted shrine. Just keep following the path until it forks on the other side of the river. Continue to the left to find the chest. This chest’s challenge is to defeat five enemies within 40 seconds. Completing the task will unlock the Taro hat.

Raised columns

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From the beginning of the area, head to the right. You will come across a river. Follow the river past the cave and swim to shore. You will find a pressure plate that raises three columns when you stand on it. Jump over to the second column. Shoot the crystal on the ledge above to raise the column and jump over to the platform to find the chest. The challenge for this chest utilizes your bow skills. You have 40 seconds to kill seven flying enemies.