All Daycare Generator locations in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

Plan a path before Moondrop gets you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

During the first hours of Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Security Breach, you will stumble into a Daycare and be greeted by an odd, but seemingly harmless animatronic named Sun. He will pick you up and sit you down until you distract him, giving you time to explore the Daycare. It is recommended that you do not head straight for the security desk, but instead duck into the playpens— the reason will become clear in a minute, as this is the safest time to find all Daycare generator locations.

During the “daytime”, when the lights are on, you can explore the Daycare freely as long as you are inside the playpens. Once you step out, Sun will grab you and seat you at the beginning, requiring you to knock stuff over to distract him again. Thankfully, all three playpens are connected, or are at least a short enough distance that you can duck inside before he grabs you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Looking at the playpens from the security desk, there is one generator in the far left playpen, two generators in the middle, and two in the far right. The locations are marked on the minimap up above, but because the playpens are vertical mazes, it will take some searching on your part to find all five. If you follow the cables, you should be able to find them without much trouble.

Once you feel secure in your route, then grab the flashlight, hit up the save point behind the desk and grab the Security Badge. This kills the power in the Daycare, turning Sun into Moon — and he is much more hostile. Turn on your flashlight, knock over a distraction, and beeline for the generators. Be aware that Moon will come into the playpens this time around, and even climb through slides. It’s recommended that you create a distraction after activating two or three generators to buy yourself some time.