All FNAF Security Breach Characters

Meet the animatronics!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is one of the biggest, most fleshed-out titles of the entire series. These renditions of the classic FNAF cast (and more some) are the only voiced, fully animated versions that we have in the games to date. With all the content that Security Breach has to offer, it can be good to review where each character is, how to find them, and their typical behavior throughout the one-night stay at the Pizzaplex.

If you’re having some trouble finding any character in the game, this list will surely help you track a character down, or avoid them entirely so that you can survive. Warning, this article will contain spoilers to the game, so if you haven’t completed the game entirely, there might be some details in here that you haven’t discovered yet.

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All Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach Characters


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Gregory is the main character of Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach. He is a young kid, one who becomes trapped in a Pizzaplex and needs to escape. Gregory is estimated to be anywhere from ten to twelve years old, and can be brave, irritable, and stubborn according to what we see from his dialogue.

Glamrock Freddy

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Glamrock Freddy is a friendly, upgraded version of Freddy Fazbear, and the first to help Gregory with his predicament. Instead of being an enemy, he’s a valuable friend, helping Gregory by keeping him safe from the other animatronics. He can be found almost instantly, helping guide Gregory through his adventures.


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Vanessa is the security guard that tries to help Gregory at the beginning of the game. While she appears to be a standard security guard at first, later the player realizes that they have connections to Vanny. Further investigation reveals that she is Vanny, the one responsible for the hostile animatronics.

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Roxanne Wolf

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Roxanne Wolf is a temperamental, brash wolf that is part of the main cast of the band. She is one of the roaming animatronics that can find you if you don’t hide properly. Unlike Chica, she is a bit more perceptive and needs a longer following distance if you’re to effectively avoid her. During the final phase of the game, she gets irreparably damaged, losing her eyes. However, she can still find you with her nose, making her no less capable of ending your game past the save ban.

Glamrock Chica

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Glamrock Chica is the first animatronic that you encounter. She’s a standardly difficult foe to avoid, but because she provides the tutorial, at first, she’s relatively easy to handle. Later in the story, she is rather effortlessly handled by placing Monty Mystery Mix in the trash compactor. However, be aware, even after she is damaged, she can still roam around the Pizzaplex to find you.

Staff Bot

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The Staff Bot is the most common but also most diverse kind of character you’ll find throughout the Pizzaplex. First, you find them as normal bots running around the facility, cleaning and acting as guards. Then, you can find more decayed versions of the bots in the underground areas that are less maintained. Finally, you can find Map Bot, the only friendly version of a Staff Bot that isn’t out to get you, despite their jumpscare. All they care about is giving you a map.

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Montgomery Gator

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Montgomery Gator is one of the most dangerous characters in Security Breach. Not only is he much faster than the other animatronics, but his sunglasses make him immune to the laser gun you receive from Lazer Tag during the middle of the game. Normally that gun is your ticket out of a tight spot, but in Monty’s case, there is no safety unless you run and hide.


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Moonman and Sunman, despite being opposites in personality, are actually the same animatronic. Not only can they terrorize you in the daycare, but during specific hours of the night, Moonman tries to capture you as if he was built with a clock to do so. To avoid him during this time, you need to go to one of Freddy’s recharge stations as quickly as you can. If you don’t, he will eventually catch you.

Wind-Up Music Man

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Wind-Up Music Man is a very specific animatronic to encounter. They only appear in vents while Gregory moves from place to place. That doesn’t mean you need to be paranoid every time you enter a vent, however. He only appears in scripted locations, which means more than likely, he isn’t there unless you hear him almost immediately when you enter the vent.


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Endoskeletons are perhaps the creepiest thing in FNAF Security Breach. They exclusively appear in dark, abandoned areas of the Pizzaplex, more often in the basement than not. During these areas, looking away from them is what causes them to move. When you look back at them, they stop. This makes avoiding them a tricky ordeal since you can’t keep your eyes off them for too long.

DJ Musicman

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DJ Musicman can only be found in one specific portion of the Pizzaplex, where his boss fight occurs near the arcade. He’s the largest one you’ll ever encounter, one that you find sleeping in his DJ station just outside of the arcade. To wake him up, you’ll need to turn on the generators as part of your main mission to escape the Pizzaplex. Be warned though, once you find the final generator and access it, his chase after you through the basement area of the Pizzaplex will begin, and it’s a big one. You’ll need to jump over hurdles, dodge blocked pathways, and escape the spidery looking animatronic. Due to his size, once you reach higher floors, he won’t be able to get you. After this initial fight, he no longer poses a threat.