All FNAF: Security Breach Ruin DLC Characters & How They’ve Changed

Five Nights at Freddy’s fans will have a cast of familiar characters to encounter in the Security Breach Ruin DLC.

Image by Steel Wool Studios

With the new release of Steel Wool’s Ruin DLC for Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach comes a lot of new lore, implications, and characters to the Pizzaplex. Now that we have DLC for Security Breach, so comes the inevitable shift in the lore. If you’ve been a FNAF fan for a long, you understand that the lore is a lot like sand in the desert. It shifts constantly with each new entry to the series.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Ruin DLC Characters, Explained

With the new lore comes a slew of further questions. Is this canon separate? Is it part of the original? Is it even a part of its own canon? And where exactly in time are we? The only way to find out is to play the DLC, get to know the story, and learn more all about the characters involved.


Image by Steel Wool Studios

Cassie is the protagonist of the Ruin DLC. While Gregory may have been your view of the Pizzaplex last time you booted up the game, the new DLC comes with an all-new narrator. As far as her character goes, she’s best friends with Gregory and goes inside the abandoned Pizzaplex to search for him. Compared to Gregory, Cassie is another determined, quick-witted kid.

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She has to be to survive what’s coming, but from what we know about her from the DLC, she has a somewhat special relationship with Roxanne Wolf. Similarly tomboyish, Cassie got Roxanne’s attention by beating her kart record twice during a birthday party. During Cassie’s birthday party, Roxanne made sure to socialize with her since her friends didn’t arrive.

Montgomery Gator

Montgomery Gator is one of the strongest characters out there, both in Security Breach and Ruin. During the events of Security Breach, you obtain a laser gun. With this newfound power, you can shine a red little beam of light into the eyes of animatronics, stunning them momentarily. However, in Monty’s case, that point is moot. During Ruin, Cassie witnesses a very ruined Monty, who is still sentient enough to move, but looks nothing like his earlier days in the Pizzaplex.

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Monty’s personality is a bit like Roxy’s and nothing like Freddy’s. He has something of a rival with the main bear, jealous of the spotlight that he accepts as the mascot. Monty is also the most irritating enemy to avoid, being immune to most natural stops and being far faster than the other animatronics.

Roxanne Wolf

Image by Steel Wool Studios

Roxanne Wolf is one of the main cast of animatronics for the Pizzaplex. She’s a female wolf with a radical style and a hardy attitude. Her punk rock look is a bit of a more bold statement than the others on the band, who subscribe to a more pop, colorful rock vibe. On the surface, Roxanne is programmed to be sarcastic, crass, and generally temperamental as a diva character.

However, underneath, she seems to take a liking to customers and children she respects and generally means no ill will without sufficient cause. Outside of the possession that takes place in Security Breach, she isn’t an enemy. However, because possession is very much a thing in Security Breach, it’s best to steer clear out of Roxy’s path since she’s plenty good at finding you.

Glamrock Freddy

Glamrock is the lovable rendition of Freddy Fazbear that we have in Security Breach. He’s a compassionate leader of the entire crew, seeming to be the most sound in mind and body because he was able to avoid possession during the events of Security Breach. He’s very protective of any child in the Pizzaplex, particularly Gregory, especially as they form a bond throughout the events of Security Breach.

Freddy, especially Glamrock Freddy, is the most charismatic out of the bunch in Security Breach. He’s a softie, which is no secret, and only can be an enemy in especially specific circumstances. He’s a beacon of courage that the main character, Gregory, turns to during his time crisis. Freddy is a good guy no matter what happens, even if there is a program trying to take over the Pizzaplex.

Glamrock Chica

Image by Steel Wool Studios

Glamrock Chica is the guitarist out of the group. While brainwashed by Vanny, she does try to go after Gregory in Security Breach, but not of her own free will. When acting her normal self, Chica is an upbeat member of the crew, providing energy to balance out the more sarcastically tuned characters. Even though she’s normally friendly, she’s an enemy in both Security Breach and Ruin, being mangled in the first and ruined in the second.

Glamrock Bonnie

Glamrock Bonnie is a put-away character that was originally part of the main cast. He played the bass, being a prominent crew member until he was locked away and deactivated under a pretty uneasy set of circumstances. As one of the main faces of the original crew, Bonnie, at least how he initially appears in Security Breach, is a friendly face. Similar in style to Roxy and Freddy, Bonnie also sports a pop-punk look in Ruin, even when you find him in the state he’s in during the cutscenes.