All Día de los Muertos Sale Legend skins and cosmetics in Apex Legends

A mix of new and returning cosmetics.

Día de los Muertos Legend skins

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While the current main event in Apex Legends is the Monsters Within Halloween event, there is also a Día de los Muertos celebration. The Día de los Muertos Sale has taken over the current store rotation and features new and returning cosmetics. For those who don’t know, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday to celebrate friends, family, and loved ones who have passed on. It is most prominent in Mexico but is also celebrated in other countries.

All Día de los Muertos Sale

Día de los Muertos Sale
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The Día de los Muertos Sale is a mixture of brand-new items and returning exclusive items. The new cosmetics are all Epic-tier, while the returning cosmetics are a mix of Epic and Legendary-tier cosmetics. Most bundles focus on a specific Legend for this sale, but there is also a bundle that includes everything in the sale and 15 Apex Packs. Ten unique cosmetics are available in the sale, not including anything you may get in the packs: Five Legend skins, four weapon skins, and one banner frame.

New Cosmetics

These cosmetics were introduced to the game by this sale and have never been seen before. The Octane skin can be purchased in a bundle or separately. If you buy the bundle, you will also get two Octane Packs.

Muerte Rapida (Epic Octane skin)

Muerte Rapida
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Altar Ego (Epic Octane banner frame)

Altar Ego
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Flirting With Death (Rare Volt skin)

Flirting With Death
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Returning Cosmetics

These cosmetics are returning from previous events and are only available via their respective bundles.

Soldado de la Muerte (Legendary Bangalore skin)

Soldado de la Muerte
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La Catrina (Legendary Bangalore skin)

La Catrina
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Boom Stick (Legendary Mastiff skin)

Boom Stick
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Dark Side (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Dark Side
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Moonlight Bash (Epic EVA-8 skin)

Moonlight Bash
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Banshee Queen (Epic Loba skin)

Banshee Queen
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Ready to Pounce (Epic Prowler skin)

Ready to Pounce
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