All differences between Tornadus (Therian) and Tornadus (Incarnate) in Pokémon Go

How much better is Tornadus (Therian) over the Tornadus (Incarnate) form?

Image via Niantic

There’s a new legendary Pokémon for players to try and catch in Pokémon Go, Therian Forme Tornadus. You can find it in five-star raids or as a Battle League reward for completing PvP matches, it will not have a shiny form when you catch it, and we’ve listed out its best moveset and if it’s good. Overall, Tornadus (Therian) is quite promising. It is a transformed version of Incarnate Forme Tornadus. While these Pokémon are the same, they’re slightly different, and they are considered individual Pokémon. These two are distinct from one another, boiling down to their overall stats and unique movesets.

These are the stats for Incarnate Forme Tornadus in PvP and PvE.

  • PvP:
    • Maximum CP – 3,345
    • Attack – 222
    • Defense – 141
    • Stamina – 160
  • PvE:
    • Maximum CP – 3,782
    • Attack – 266
    • Defense – 164
    • Stamina – 188

These are the stats for Therian Forme Tornadus in PvP and PvE.

  • PvP:
    • Maximum CP – 3,215
    • Attack – 199
    • Defense – 161
    • Stamina – 160
  • PvE:
    • Maximum CP – 3,635
    • Attack – 238
    • Defense – 189
    • Stamina – 188

Regarding stats, surprisingly, Tornadus (Therian) has a lower maximum CP, and this is because the Pokémon has a lower attack than Tornadus (Incarnate), which does quite a bit of damage. That had been one of its nicer qualities in the Master League and one of the reasons it stood out against other legendary Pokémon. The Tornadus (Incarnate) version has a decent overall moveset, but it really doesn’t do too well in the Master League. Of the Forces of Nature legendary Pokémon, Tornadus (Incarnate) is the weakest in the PvP scene and will be the one you use in raids.

Unfortunately, Tornadus (Therian) is even worse. Along with it having a lower attack power, it has an even worse moveset to go along with it. Its fast moves are astonish and gust and the charged moves are focus blast, heat wave, hurricane, and psychic. While gust is a decent fast move, its charged moves are extremely lacking and require quite a bit of energy if a player wants to unleash them during a battle. These poor picks hold Tornadus (Therian) back and sever it from becoming a regular Pokémon in the Master League like Thundurus (Therian).

The differences between Tornadus (Therian) and Tornadus (Incarnate) are big, and players looking forward to a more powerful form will be disappointed. Tornadus (Therian) will become a Pokédex filler, and unless you built an extremely beefy team around this Pokémon, it’s unlikely players will be utilizing it in the Master League.