All Elgado hub characters and their functions in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Everyone is here.

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The Elgado Outpost, introduced in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, is smaller than Kamura Village but still hosts all the amenities hunters require, with a few additional characters besides. The important ones, those you’ll interact with — to improve your gear, craft items, eat, take quests from, and other tasks — have menus attached to them. That doesn’t mean the other characters present don’t serve a purpose.

Every NPC in Elgado is a source for at least one piece of gear, ability, or valuable consumable. You’ll need to work for everything you’re given in Sunbreak, and sometimes you’ll work for hours. The reward is usually worth it or is at least interesting or funny. Here’s a list of every character in the Elgado hub area and what they do.

Characters Tied to Gameplay

These are the NPC vendors that directly affect your ability to hunt.

Chichae, the Quest Damsel

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Chichae is the quest vendor in Elgado, and you’ll talk to her whenever you want to go out hunting. You’ll also speak to her to advance the campaign and unlock new Master Rank levels.

Minayle the Blacksmith

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One of the most important NPC vendors in Sunbreak is Minayle the Blacksmith. She allows you to craft all the armor, weapons, and Decorations you’ll use, whether you’re just starting the expansion or deep into the endgame.

Buddy Smithy Bis

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The companion smithy for your Palico and Palamute, Bis provides weapons, armor, and other gear for your Buddies.

Oboro the Merchant

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Oboro oversees three different mechanics: the general store, the Lottery, and the Melding Pot. The store carries most of the basic supplies you’ll need either as a basis for further crafting or to use in hunts as ammo or consumables. The Lottery, when available, is an inexpensive way to get a few valuable items. The Melding Pot allows you to randomly roll for Talismans, a piece of supplementary gear that grants additional Skills and possibly Decoration slots.

Nagi the Buddy Agent

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Nagi is your source for everything Buddy except creating armor and weapons. He allows you to send out Argosy submarines, the Meowcenaries, scout for new Buddies, passively train Buddies outside quests and change their equipment and gear, among other tasks.

Azuki the Cook

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You need to eat before every hunt for an inexpensive and vital boost to your Health and Stamina, plus Dango Skills that can make the difference between victory and being carted back to camp.

Arena Master Arlow

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Arlow handles all Arena quests, challenge missions against specific monsters with specific, pre-build loadouts. Completing these quests awards unique weapons and armor. He can also join you for Follower Quests.

The Courier

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A friendly Felyne who oversees all of Sunbreak’s online connectivity features, add-on content, and other multiplayer systems.

Characters Tied to Sunbreak’s Story

These characters aren’t directly involved in your day-to-day hunts outside of Follower quests, making Requests, or awarding special crafting materials.

Dame Fiorayne

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Dame Fiorayne is the key NPC that brings your hunter to Elgado following the fight with the Daimyo Hermitaur and serves as your partner on Sunbreak’s key story quests. She’s one possible partner during Follower Quests.

Admiral Galleus

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The leader of the Elgado Outpost, Galleus’s primary gameplay purpose is to provide Elgado Tickets, but he also plays an important role in the final battle. He’s one possible partner during Follower Quests.

Bahari the Scientist

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Bahari is a Wyverian researcher who’s investigating Malzeno and its appearances. He plays a small role in Sunbreak’s post-game.

Tadori the Doctor

Tadori is a Wyverian doctor and herbalist who appears at a pivotal moment in the campaign and saves an important character from a terrible fate. He serves no gameplay purpose.

Incidental Quest-giving Characters

These characters are neither story relevant nor do they provide any gameplay benefits beyond possibly participating in Follower Quests or making Request missions that award various upgrades.

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  • Sir Jae: A Royal Knight who can join for Follower Quests and Support Surveys.
  • Dame Luchika: A Royal Knight who can join for Follower Quests and Support Surveys.
  • Paz the Chevalier: An NPC who provides Request side quests.
  • Fran the Stalwart: An NPC who provides Great Wirebugs for use at Jewel Lillies across the maps
  • Sailors Ziretta, Flur, and Phino: Request giving NPCs.
  • Sailors Fino and Tartar: Felyne NPCs who provide Palico and Palamute-centric Requests