Honkai: Star Rail – All HSR Free Codes & How to Claim Them (November 2023)

Grab these Honkai: Star Rail codes while they’re valid and redeem for multiple rewards like Star Rail Passes & Undying Embers.

Honkai Star Rail final beta cover

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Updated November 15, 2023

Added a new code!

Honkai: Star Rail is a science-fiction adventure created by the miHoYo development team. It’s a free-to-play game that you’ll have the chance to jump into on a PlayStation or mobile device of your choice, collecting new characters and exploring a massive world with your friends.

Because Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play game, it’s expected for you to acquire multiple unique resources while playing. These resources are critical to crafting and upgrading your characters to make them more powerful, which means these are vital throughout your adventure. You can utilize a handful of free codes to aid you while playing. This HSR guide covers every free code you can redeem while playing Honkai: Star Rail, and the rewards you’ll receive for redeeming them.

Free HSR Codes to Redeem

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Below are all HSR Redemption Codes currently active for players to claim and the Honkai: Star Rail rewards they offer:

CodeStart DateEnd DateRewards

11/14/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credit
6B9BFPK58Q3T11/3/202311/04/2023100 Stellar Jade and 4 Refined Aether
HT8BX7JL89Z711/3/202311/04/2023100 Stellar Jade and 50k Credit
JB9BE7K5RQY311/3/202311/04/2023100 Stellar Jade and 5 Traveler’s Guide


10/27/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credit


10/11/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credit


09/29/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade


09/29/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade


09/29/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade


08/30/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10k Credit


08/10/2023TBA60 Stellar Jade


08/10/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade and 50,000 Credit


8/10/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade and 5 Refined Aether


8/10/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade and 4 Condensed Aether


08/10/2023TBA60 Stellar Jade


08/9/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credit


07/19/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credit


07/08/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade and 5 Refined Aether


07/08/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade and 5 Traveler’s Guide


TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credit


06/28/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credit

06/15/2023TBA10,000 Credit, 5 Travel Encounters, and 3 Condensed Aether


06/07/2023TBA50 Stellar Jade


06/07/2023TBA30 Stellar Jade


05/17/2023TBA100 Stellar Jade


05/17/2023TBAx50 Stellar Jade and 10,000 Credit
STARRAILGIFT04/25/2023TBAx50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits, x2 Traveler’s Guides, x5 Bottles Sodas
HSRGRANDOPEN104/25/202304/30/2023x100 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits
HSRGRANDOPEN204/25/202304/30/2023x100 Stellar Jade, x5 Traveler’s Guides
HSRGRANDOPEN304/25/202304/30/2023x100 Stellar Jade, x4 Refined Aether
HSRVER10XEDLFE04/25/2023TBAx50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits

These HSR codes players can redeem offer vital resources that can be used while playing the game. Some of these rewards can cost players via microtransactions, so it is important to grab the codes before they expire.

Currently, the HSR redeemable codes for HSRVER10XEDLFE and STARRAILGIFT don’t have known expiration dates. Because of this, Honkai: Star Rail players may be able to redeem these free codes for rewards longer than the initial grand opening codes ending on April 25, 2023.

How to Redeem Honkai: Star Rail Codes

Before you can redeem any codes for rewards in Honkai: Star Rail, make sure to create your main HSR character, select your server, and log into the main game.

Once you’ve created your character and joined a server, make your way over to the Hoyoverse website, where you can redeem HSR free codes for these rewards. It is important that you have a main character before you attempt to redeem HSR codes, but afterward, you can enjoy all the Honkai: Star Rail rewards and goodies activated with each HSR free code.