All Families in Roblox Demonfall

Everything you need to know about the families in Roblox Demonfall.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Demonfall is a Demon Slayer inspired game that is available on Roblox. While you progress through the storyline, your actions in the game will decide whether you belong to Slayers or the Demons. Upon starting the game, players will have to make different choices, including breathing techniques and families you pledge your allegiance to. However, unlike the breathing techniques, players do not have full control over deciding their family. You will roll for your family at the start of the game in an RNG-based system. Fortunately, if you are unhappy with the result, you can always restart the game.

All Families

Family NameRarity %Slayer AbilitiesDemon Abilities
Kamado0.5%+20% XP boost, start with Dance of the Fire God, able to learn Sun Breath quickerImmune to Sunlight
Tomioka1.0%When you spawn, you’ll get Shoulder Bash and Lunge, Get Water Breathing as the eleventh formNone
Tokito1.0%+10% XP boost, learns Mist’s 7th FormGet moon breathing
Himejima1.0%Get additional 30 health after buffNone
Rengoku1.0%+20% Flames damage, get Flames as 9th formNone
Shinazugawa1.0%Get a 25% quicker stomach drain and improved health, can use your scent to attract demonsNone
Iguro2.0%Get dash mastery, +2 Walk speedNone
Haganezuka2.0%Don’t need money to forge items, 5x ore sell priceNone
Agatsuma2.0%When knocked down, enter a 45-second berserk state that grants +50% damage and +20% health.None
Ubuyashiki2.0%Start with 2SP and gain 10% experience, permanent burn injuryNone
Kanroji2.0%Deal +20% extra damage.None
Kocho2.0%Poison anything that attacks you at melee rangeNone
Hashibira2.0%Grants 10% Stomach Drain and Health RegenerationNone

Not all families have Slayer abilities or Demon abilities. Players that are not satisfied with their families can also restart the game and reroll for the desired family.