All Fashion Week 2022 event-exclusive Field Research tasks and rewards in Pokémon Go

Grab these exclusive Field Research tasks before they disappear.

Image via Niantic

The Fashion Week 2022 event has kicked off in Pokémon Go. It’s a limited-time event where you can catch several Pokémon wearing the latest fashions. Despite being in costumes, you can catch shiny versions of these Pokémon, evolve them, and mega evolve them, such as Absol. For the duration of Fashion Week 2022, you can acquire Field Research tasks related to the event and earn exclusive rewards. This guide covers all Fashion Week 2022 event-exclusive Field Research tasks and rewards in Pokémon Go.

All Field Research tasks and rewards for Fashion Week 2022

Fashion Week 2022 will only be available from September 27 to October 3, the only time you receive these Field Research tasks. You can receive them by spinning any Poké Stops or Gym dials during the event, and the ones associated with Fashion Week 2022 will have a distinct gold edging around them on your task page. You can only hold three at a time and continue holding these Field Research tasks long after the event, but you will not receive more when the event ends.

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These are all the event-exclusive Field Research tasks available during Fashion Week 2022 and the rewards you will earn.

  • Catch 15 Pokémon – Croagunk encounter
  • Catch five Pokémon – Murkrow encounter
  • Make five great throws – Mareanie encounter
  • Make three great throws – Eevee encounter
  • Make three nice throws – Skitty encounter
  • Take a snapshot of Glameow in the wild – Glameow encounter
  • Take three snapshots of wild Pokémon – Furfrou encounter
  • Use 10 berries to help catch Pokémon – Blitzle encounter

The encounters featured in these rewards are ones of the costumed Pokémon, Croagunk and Blitzle. The other Pokémon are in their standard forms. There is a chance to encounter the shiny versions of these Pokémon.