All Fashion Challengers in Fashion Week 2022 for Pokémon Go

More Fashion Challengers have arrived for Fashion Week 2022.

Image via Niantic

Fashion Week has returned to Pokémon Go. It will be a brief event in the mobile game for you to catch a handful of Pokémon wearing unique articles of clothing. Although these Pokémon are wearing costumes, you can still evolve them, find shiny versions of them in the wild, or Mega Evolve them, such as Absol. During the event, there are several Fashion Challengers you will be battling against for the Timed Research. This guide covers all Fashion Challengers Pokémon appearing in Fashion Week 2022 for Pokémon Go.

All Fashion Week 2022 Fashion Challengers

There are three Fashion Challengers you will need to battle against. These are NPC trainers you have to find while completing the Timed Research. They only appear after clearing the Timed Research tasks and do not appear in the wild or at Poké Stops.

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These are the three Fashion Challengers you will need to battle against and the Pokémon they are using.

Quirky Challenger

The Quirky Challenger uses three Pokémon. They will use Furfrou, Mareanie, and Diglett. Furfrou is a Normal-type Pokémon, making it weak to Fighting-types. Mareanie is the debut Pokémon for Fashion Week 2022, and it is a Poison and Water-type, making it weak against Electric, Ground, and Psychic-type moves. Finally, Diglett is a Ground-type, making it weak to Grass, Ice, and Water-type moves.

Rugged Challenger

The Rugged Challenger is the second trainer you will battle, and they will also use three Pokémon. You will battle against Furfrou, Blitzle, and Absol. Furfrou is a Normal-type, weak against Fighting-type moves. Blitzle is an Electric-type, making it weak against any Ground-type attack. The final Pokémon is Absol, a Dark-type, weak against Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type moves.

Cool Challenger

The final trainer you will battle against is the Cool Challenger, and they will use Furfrou, Frillish, and Croagunk. Like the previous challengers, Furfrou is a Normal-type and weak against Fighting-type moves. Frillish is a Water and Ghost-type, making it weak against Dark, Electric, Ghost, and Grass-type attacks. The final Pokémon is Croagunk, a Poison and Fighting-type, making it weak against Flying, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks.