All fireplace recipes in Len’s Island

Good food, good mood.

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In Len’s Island, players are required to cook various foods that provide different buffs and beneficial effects upon consumption. Although players will gradually discover new recipes while playing the game, it’s possible to complete the campaign without uncovering all the fireplace recipes. For those who don’t wish to find every recipe themselves, we’ve put together a table of all fireplace recipes in Len’s Island and their effects.

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Len’s Island — All fireplace recipes, ingredients, benefits, and more

Blueberry MuffinOil x1, Flour x10, Blueberries x33540None
Banana BreadOil x1, Flour x10, Banana x22549additional 5 hunger for 10s and 2 health for 5s
BreadOil x1, Flour x101029None
Fish RamenOil x1, Raw Bluegill x1, Raw Swordfish5080None
Pumpkin PieOil x1, Flour x10, Pumpkin x12575None
Mushroom StewOil x1, Flour x10, Mushroom x109089None
Mango TroutOil x1, Mango x3, Raw Rainbow Trout x16040additional 10% attack speed and movement speed for 2 minutes

Every recipe requires Oil as an ingredient, so it’s a no-brainer to always have a few in your stock. Furthermore, most raw ingredients can be consumed directly without putting them in any recipe, but the buffs it will provide would be minimal. It’s also worth noting that the fireplace differs from the campfire, which you’ll be using in the game’s early stages. A campfire can only cook raw fish, whereas most high-tier recipes are cooked on a fireplace. To get your own fireplace, you’ll need to craft it using Wood x15, Stone x60, and Coal x10.