How to get Iron Shards in Len’s Island

You need a lot of this rare material.


Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the roadblocks in Len’s Island is Iron Shards. Alongside Gold, Iron Shards are a challenging resource to obtain naturally — they are only found as rare drops from Stone nodes and only found as rare spawns down in The Ancient Caves. This makes getting Iron a pain, and unfortunately, almost all middle to higher level construction recipes require a large amount of them. Thankfully, there are ways to obtain Iron Shards in bulk more easily.

The first option is to buy Iron Shards from the blacksmith in Bridgewater. The rates aren’t great, but purchasing in bulk isn’t a bad option if you have a good gold surplus. However, remember that Gold is useful for other things, such as obtaining legendary tier equipment or filling out your equipment logs.

The second and better option is to refine Stone. First, you will need to build a Refinery, which costs 25 Salvaged Metal to learn from your Level 2 Workbench. Afterward, it costs 50 Stone, 35 Salvaged Metal, 25 Coal, and 25 Wood to build. Once built, you can refine Stone into Iron Shards and refine Limestone and Clay into Glass and Precious Gems, respectively. The rate is 10 Stone for 1~3 Iron Shards, which is a pretty good trade in our opinion.