All Flower Shrine locations in Taro’s Tree in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Taro’s Tree has two Flower Shrines to discover. Find them now.


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The Flower Shrines in Kena: Bridge of Spirits are introduced early on once you leave the village. These shrines need to be cured of their corruption so that they can be lively again. This is done using Forest Tears to revert the Rot Spirits back to the original form, which can then clear corrupted areas plaguing the map. There are two Flower Shrines to find in Taro’s Tree. Here is where they are located.

First tear

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As part of the story path, you will need to place a tear into a flower to make it bloom. After you have done this, you will see a nearby Flower Shrine covered in corruption. Interact with the Forest Tear and make the Rot Spirits clear the corruption from the Shrine. This is the easiest Flower Shrine to unlock.

In the forest

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After progressing through the area for a bit, you will get a cutscene that places you in front of a giant uprooted tree. Face away from the tree and follow the path back to the entrance of the forest. Stop when you see a lantern on the right side. Go to the right past the lantern, and you will find the corrupted Flower Shrine. You won’t be able to access it yet. Progress further through the story until you unlock Kena’s Spirit Bow. Head back to the area and go to the Shrine. Face away from the Shrine along the way you came in. There is a blue crystal in the tree. Shoot it with your bow and follow the dust that flows out to another crystal. Do this until a Forest Tear blooms. Use the Forest Tear to clear the corruption.