All food recipes in Muck

The yummiest snacks to keep you and the bois alive.

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To survive and escape from Muck, you and your friends will need to keep hearty food on hand. In the early days, especially when exploring or harvesting, it might be possible to get by using just uncooked Shrooms, but you’ll very quickly find yourself running out of hunger, health, and stamina, especially against bosses. If you want to go far and overcome the toughest challenges in Muck, you’ll need to craft. Using a Cauldron and fuel, you can combine items into powerful foods.

All Food Recipes

Below is a list of every food recipe in Muck. Weird Soup, Purple Soup, and Yellow Soup are especially useful, while the Pies are the best at reducing hunger.

  • Bread | Ingredients: Dough
  • Cooked Meat | Ingredients: Raw Meat
  • Meat Soup | Ingredients: Raw Meat + Bowl
  • Meat Pie | Ingredients: Raw Meat + Dough + Bowl
  • Apple Pie | Ingredients: Red Apple + Dough + Bowl
  • Yellow Soup | Ingredients: Ligon Shroom + Bowl
  • Purple Soup | Ingredients: Sugon Shroom + Bowl
  • Red Soup | Ingredients: Gulpon Shroom + Bowl
  • Weird Soup | Ingredients: Slurbon Shroom + Bowl

How to Get Dough and Bowls

These are key ingredients in many recipes. Here’s how to make them:

  • To get Dough, combine 5 wheat at a workbench.
  • To get Bowls, use Wood at a workbench.

How to Get a Cauldron

To craft any of the food recipes above, you’ll need a cauldron. To make one, go to a workbench and combine 10 Wood with 10 Rocks.