All Fort Flaptrap Cat Shine Shards locations in Bowser’s Fury

Secrets of the fort.,

Image via Nintendo

More Cat Shine Shards lie in wait in Bowser’s Fury with the lava-filled Fort Flaptrap next in our sights. Like with every other area, there are Five Cat Shards you need to find to get the elusive Cat Shine.

Fort Flaptrap provides a bit more challenge to most of the starting areas, with its Cat Shards well hidden throughout the small little area. Thankfully, we have already found them and created a map below for you to collect them with ease.

If you are still having issues finding all five, however, don’t fret. You can see where each individual one is located down below with even more details on where to locate them.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Cat Shard #1

Screengrab via Nintendo

Near the entrance under one of the tiles that can be flipped when you jump.

Cat Shard #2

Screengrab via Nintendo

Hidden inside two trees at the South of the island.

Cat Shard #3

Screengrab via Nintendo

Above the blue Fury Blocks on top of the tree.

Cat Shard #4

Screengrab via Nintendo

Behind the Lighthouse.

Cat Shard #5

Screengrab via Nintendo

At the North of the Fort are two blocks bud into the walls. Break them with Cat Mario and crawl inside to find the final Cat Shard.