All free and premium Battle Pass rewards in Pokémon Unite

Here is everything you can earn from purchasing the Battle Pass.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Like so many other competitive online video games, Pokémon Unite has a Battle Pass system. The game may be free-to-play, but it still needs to make some money for it to continue being supported at the end of the day. If you purchase the Battle Pass in Pokémon Unite, you will work your way through its various tiers to unlock various cosmetics and items that can be used in the game. Here are all of the rewards you will see in the first Battle Pass for Pokémon Unite.

1Hip-Hop Style: PikachuPremium
2150 Aeos TicketsFree
3Vivid Set: HeadwearPremium
4150 Aeos TicketsFree
5Vivid Set: ShoesPremium
6150 Aeos TicketsFree
7Vivid Set: BottomsPremium
815 Item EnhancersFree
915 Item EnhancersFree
10Vivid Set: InnerwearPremium
11Socks (Off-White)Free
12Canvas High-Tops (Yellow)Premium
1315 Item EnhancersFree
14300 Aeos TicketsPremium
1515 Item EnhancersFree
16Egg-Shaped Backpack (White)Premium
1715 Item EnhancersFree
18300 Aeos TicketsPremium
1915 Item EnhancersFree
20Star Hoodie (Lime Green)Premium
21Sandals (Orange)Free
22Knee-High Socks (Green)Premium
2315 Item EnhancersFree
2430 Item EnhancersPremium
2515 Item EnhancersFree
26High-Top Sneakers (Green)Premium
27150 Aeos TicketsFree
2830 Item EnhancersPremium
2915 Item EnhancersFree
30Overalls (Indigo)Premium
31Skinny Pants (Gray)Free
32Design Socks (Black)Premium
33150 Aeos TicketsFree
34300 Aeos TicketsPremium
3515 Item EnhancersFree
36Turtleneck Sweater (Green)Premium
37150 Aeos TicketsFree
38300 Aeos TicketsPremium
3915 Item EnhancersFree
40Gingham Set: InnerwearPremium
41Hoodie (Pink)Free
42Gingham Set: SocksPremium
43150 Aeos TicketsFree
44300 Aeos TicketsPremium
4515 Item EnhancersFree
46Gingham Set: ShoesPremium
47150 Aeos TicketsFree
48300 Aeos TicketsPremium
4915 Item EnhancersFree
50Gingham Set: BottomsPremium
51150 Aeos TicketsFree
52Turtleneck Sweater (Sitrus Berry)Premium
53150 Aeos TicketsFree
54300 Aeos TicketsPremium
5515 Item EnhancersFree
56Tailored Jacket (Off-White)Premium
57150 Aeos TicketsFree
58300 Aeos TicketsPremium
5915 Item EnhancersFree
60Pokémon Face Hat (Pikachu)Premium
6115 Item EnhancersFree
62300 Aeos TicketsPremium
6315 Item EnhancersFree
64300 Aeos TicketsPremium
6515 Item EnhancersFree
66Denim Jacket (Blue)Premium
67150 Aeos TicketsFree
68300 Aeos TicketsPremium
6915 Item EnhancersFree
70Pikachu Set: Tops and BottomsPremium
7115 Item EnhancersFree
72300 Aeos TicketsPremium
7315 Item EnhancersFree
74300 Aeos TicketsPremium
7515 Item EnhancersFree
76Pikachu Set: AccessoryPremium
77150 Aeos TicketsFree
78300 Aeos TicketsPremium
7915 Item EnhancersFree
80Pikachu Set: ShoesPremium
8115 Item EnhancersFree
82Varsity Jacket (Red)Premium
83150 Aeos TicketsFree
84300 Aeos TicketsPremium
8515 Item EnhancersFree
86Work Overalls (Green)Premium
87150 Aeos TicketsFree
88300 Aeos TicketsPremium
8915 Item EnhancersFree
90Captain Style: CinderacePremium

Once you have reach rank 90 and got the pirate outfit for Cinderace, you can then continue doing missions to earn Battle Pass Prize Boxes. From the looks of things, these appear to be loot boxes that will give you various rewards when opened. You can have up to 25 Battle Pass Prize Boxes unopened at a time.