All game modes available in Overwatch 2

What’s old is new again.

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Overwatch 2 features a variety of ranked and non-ranked modes for players to try out. Overwatch 2 is an unconventional sequel, as it is directly building and replacing the original Overwatch completely. Overwatch 2 will feature a co-op campaign featuring vast skill trees for each hero, but this mode won’t be available until 2023. This guide will explain what modes you can expect to find in Overwatch 2.

Every mode available in Overwatch 2

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Upon logging in to Overwatch 2, a big play button will provide a home to all of the moves available in Overwatch 2, and how they work.

Unranked Mode

Unranked is the place to play if you’re a casual player looking for a more pick up and play experience. Unranked contains four playlists with different rulesets. They are as follows.

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  1. Quick Play Role Queue: Choose a distinct role before you play a match.
  2. Quick Play Open Queue: Play any role and change characters at will during a match.
  3. Mystery Heroes: Each team will have heroes randomly picked for each player.
  4. Deathmatch: A hectic free for all deathmatch which provides low stakes character practice.

Competitive Mode

Competitive matches are the primary way to advance through rank tiers and take your Overwatch 2 gameplay experience to new levels. The entire ranking system has been revamped and has clear incentives and methods to progress through the competitive ladder. It features two distinct modes of play.

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  1. Competitive Play Role Queue: Choose a distinct role before you play a match with ranking points at stake.
  2. Competitive Play Open Queue: Play any role and change characters at will during a match with ranking points at stake.

Arcade Mode

This mode offers a rotation of curated custom games created by the community and featured by Blizzard in this playlist. These modes usually change the rules drastically. You may have a ruleset such as Reinhardt’s only, or extreme low gravity enabled. A casual mode meant for pick up and play fun.

Custom Games Mode

Custom games allow players to create their matches and tweak many settings. For example, with super speed enabled, you can make a Tracer-only team deathmatch. Or an all Bastion versus all Widowmaker team game.

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Custom games can be played with bots, and you can invite friends into your lobbies along with random players if you make a public custom game.

Training Mode

This is the place to play if you want to hone your skills and practice your shots. Practice mode offers three different practice styles for you to try.

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  1. Tutorial: A mode that will teach you the basics of movement and controls for Overwatch 2.
  2. Practice Range: A mode where you can select a hero and practice with them and their abilities.
  3. Practice vs AI: A mode that will let you play with and against a team of bots. The difficulty levels for the bots can be adjusted.

Experimental Mode

This mode will feature drastic changes to the core Overwatch 2 experience. Some of these changes may come to the standard game down the line, while some are just what the name implies, experiments.

These are the modes you can play in Overwatch 2. Grab a group of friends and begin unlocking your seasonal rewards.