All grenade types in The Anacrusis

You’re gonna burn alright.

Shield Grenade

Image via Stray Bombay

Heavy guns, sci-fi healing technology, and a disco aesthetic aren’t enough to survive hordes of aliens in The Anacrusis. You’re going to need to take advantage of the various grenade options laying around. There’s a handful of them, each with different effects, and some are more effective against certain aliens than others. That said, here is a list of all the grenade types in The Anacrusis and how to use them.

Impact Grenades

Screenshot by Gamepur

These are your basic frag grenades, explode one second after connecting with the floor, and deal explosive damage in a wide range. The damage is enough to knock out Grunts in one shot, and deal heavy damage to the elite alien types as well. The closer to the center of the blast, the more damage it deals.

Goo Grenades

Screenshot by Gamepur

Goo Grenades drop a splotch of purple goo on the ground, slowing enemies who walk over. Players are unaffected, and this affects all enemy types except the Spikes, who can roll right over it without any problem. This grenade is most effective against Brutes, who is practically slow to crawl when running over Goo.

Stasis Grenades

Screenshot by Gamepur

Stasis Grenades create a pocket of Stasis, slowing anything that comes into contact with the bubble severely. The effect doesn’t last long, but it is plenty of time to deal with almost any enemy type. This grenade is most effective when the team is getting mobbed by Hordes and when you can force enemies through a chokepoint.

Shield Grenades

Screenshot by Gamepur

Shield Grenades push out weaker aliens and create a pocket of safety — almost nothing can breach the shield, allowing you time to revive or heal. We say almost nothing because enemy fire from Goopers and Spawner Minions can break through the shield no problem, and Brutes are completely unaffected by it.

Vortex Grenades

Screenshot by Gamepur

Vortex Grenades hoover up enemies in a circle, compressing and gathering them towards the middle of the blast before setting off an explosion. This grenade is weaker than the Impact Grenade in raw damage, but it does have the benefit of crowd-controlling enemies on top of the damage it inflicts.

Incendiary Grenades

Screenshot by Gamepur

Incendiary Grenades create a pitch of burning land that sets any enemy to walk over it ablaze. The damage over time adds up very quickly and is a fantastic way to clear out Hordes while also dealing severe damage to Brutes who stand in it too long.

Explosive Tanks

While not technically a grenade, these Tanks can be carried and thrown around. When shot at, they explode, dealing massive explosion damage in a wide radius. It is worth keeping one around if a Horde comes around and you are low on other options.