All hair color options in Hogwarts Legacy

Pick out your favorite hair color.

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After deciding the type of hair you want to give your Hogwarts Legacy character, the next step is determining their hair color. There are multiple hair color options for you to select when you’re initially making your character, and determining the perfect choice will vary for every character in the game. There’s no incorrect answer to finding an ideal option. This guide covers all hair color options in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Every hair color choice in Hogwarts Legacy

You can select your character’s hair color in the Hairstyles tab of the character creation screen. You might not want to immediately choose your character’s hair color as the outcome might change based on the hairstyle you narrow down as the perfect choice. It’s important to note the hair color options are limited to the ones listed in the slider, and there is no color wheel for you to make an abstract hair color choice for your character.

These are all the hair colors that appear for your character in Hogwarts Legacy.

You can select your character’s hair color anytime during the character creation process for Hogwarts Legacy. When you reach the end, feel free to return to the Hairstyles category page to make any last-second adjustments to them before finalizing your character.