All hairstyle options in Hogwarts Legacy

Your hairstyle is an important choice in Hogwarts Legacy.

Image via Avalanche Software

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Your character can choose from a wide variety of hairstyle options in Hogwarts Legacy. These choices are available to every character in the game, and you’re left up to your creativity to figure out the perfect choice for your preferred character to feature at Hogwarts. The choices can be overwhelming and hard to keep track of while playing the game. This guide will cover all hairstyle options you can pick in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Every hairstyle choice in Hogwarts Legacy

When you start playing Hogwarts Legacy, you can select your character’s hairstyle option in the character creation menu. This is the third category after selecting one of the preset character choices and finalizing your character’s facial structure. You can begin narrowing down what type of hairstyle you want to give your character and the hair color they can have for this style.

These are all the available hairstyle options you can pick from in Hogwarts Legacy in the character selection screen.

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After you make your decision, feel free to proceed through the rest of the character creation process. You can also stop here, move forward, and return to it later before you start creating your character and playing Hogwarts Legacy.