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How character customization works in Hogwarts Legacy

What character do you plan to make for Hogwarts Legacy?

The character you creature in Hogwarts Legacy will be the one you use throughout your time playing the game. They’ll wear each cosmetic and upgrade item you receive while working through the game, and you’ll see them on screen almost constantly. Therefore, getting the customization options down correctly might take you a bit. Here’s what you need to know about how character customization works in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Creating your character in Hogwarts Legacy

There are multiple options for you to pick for your character. We’ll break down many of those options, how they work, and a handful of choices you can make before you embark on your Hogwarts Legacy adventure. Feel free to take as much time as you want on this matter, or even create multiple characters until you find the ideal choice you want to play.


Before making the more distinct choices for your character in the character customization, there are multiple preset characters for you to pick from. You want to treat them as the foundation for your main character, a model to sculpt that reflects the character you want to play or even yourself.

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There are 30 preset character options for you to pick. This is only the first stage of the Hogwarts Legacy character customization, with the other options vastly changing the preset appearances. We recommend choosing a preset character option close to a character you want to play, making your job easier in the later character customization steps.


The next step in the Hogwarts Legacy character customization is your character’s facial structure. The first option in this category is the face shape, which determines your character’s facial features. This will dictate their chin, cheeks, jawline, nose, and overall smaller details on your character’s face. Unfortunately, you will not have a chance to fine-tune these small details, as they are preset for Hogwarts Legacy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Underneath these options is the choice to determine your character’s skin color. There are 20 options for you to select, and you can play around with this setting to find one you want for your character. You may want to figure out the facial structure before this step.

The final option in this category is if you want your character to wear glasses at not. There are three options for you to pick on this screen, but there will be additional options later in the game.


After you’ve done some work on your character’s facial structure, the next step is to focus on their hairstyle. Every hairstyle and color is available to every Hogwarts Legacy character. There are 32 hair color options and 45 hairstyles to pick from. You can make any selection on this screen, choosing a hairstyle that reflects your Hogwarts Legacy character. When working on this page, we recommend finding your character’s hairstyle before determining the color.

Screenshot by Gamepur


Next, the character customization page will have you working on more flavor details for your character, giving them a complexion. There are three options for you to focus on during this portion of your character’s customization. In the complexion category, there are 10 options for you to pick from, which adjust the softer facial features for your character, showing off the glow of their fact and highlighting different areas.

The second option is freckles and moles. There are also 10 options in this category, breaking down the various freckle combinations you can have scattered over them. The first option will have none, with several in between, placing a variety of freckles on your character.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final option for this category is your character’s scars and markings adorning their face. You can use this section to weave in a unique backstory for your Hogwarts Legacy character, making them stand out from the other students and characters during cutscenes. Like the previous options, there are 10 choices for you to make here, with the first option having no scars or markings on your character.


In this category, you will focus on your character’s eyes, eyebrow shape, and eyebrow color. You may want your character’s eyebrow colors to match their hair, or you might wish the two to be drastically different from each other, and you can do this during this phase of your character customization. The eyebrow color and hair color are not linked.

The first option is your character’s eye color and determining what they should be. There are 25 choices for you to select for your character, giving you a wide array of options, closely aligning it to the number of hair color choices you can make. Your character’s eye colors are linked, so you will not be able to have two different eye colors in Hogwarts Legacy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final option, after you’ve determined your character’s eyebrow color, is the shape of their eyebrow. There are multiple eyebrow shapes you can fiddle with on your character, giving them more prominent eyebrows or making thinner ones. You might want to decide on your character’s eyebrow color and finalize that portion before moving on to this step to see how well the color complements your character before working on the shape. There are 20 unique eyebrow shapes to pick from.

Finalize your character

The last category for your Hogwarts Legacy character will have to do with their voice tone, the voice’s pitch, the gameplay difficulty, their name, and their dormitory. The voice is the first option, and you; you from option one or option two. Regardless of the type of character you’ve made, you can select one or the other. We recommend determining this option first before going into adjusting the voice pitch. The voice tone is a foundation for your character, and then you can adjust the pitch to make it higher or lower.

The next step is the gameplay difficulty. For those looking for a more accessible, we recommend going with the Story or Easy difficulty. Picking the Story difficulty will make the combat extremely simple, whereas the Easy choice makes it easier, but it’s not entirely too simple. For those who want to try out the active Hogwarts Legacy combat, we recommend going with Normal or Hard, with the Hard option being the greatest difficulty in the game. After you begin playing the game, there is an option to adjust the difficulty to find a better option for you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your character’s name will determine their save slots and give them a unique name in your list when you start the game each time. It should make picking them out on the menu easier. No character in the game will refer to your character by this name, but you’ll see it in the subtitles and the in-game menu throughout your Hogwarts Legacy playthrough.

The final option you have to choose is what dormitory you select for your character. You can pick from the Witch or Wizard choice. This determines if you will share a living space with other characters who also identify as Witches or if you wish to do so with others who identify as Wizards.

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Once you have these final decisions, feel free to browse through each of these categories again to ensure you’re happy with your choices. You can freely adjust them as you see fit in this game’s menu. When you’re ready, click the “Start Your Journey” option on the Finalize Your Character screen, and you can begin playing Hogwarts Legacy.

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