All Halloween halo answers in Roblox Royale High (2021)

All the answers that you need to select.

Screenshot from LandG Games’ YouTube

Halloween is on the horizon, and events to celebrate the same are going live on several Roblox Games. Like last year, Roblox Royale High has introduced the Halloween Stories challenge, in which players need to go through ten stories and pick an answer at the end of each one. However, there is no one correct option as each answer yields a different reward. That said, here are all the answers that will allow players to win this year’s Halo.

All Halloween halo answers

Each question has four choices, and each option yields a different reward.

  1. Agatha the Witch story- The Kawaii Ghost Statuette
  2. Maxwell the ghost story- The basement
  3. Abandoned mansion with four dark room story- Walk through the Attic
  4. Orange sheet of the paper story- Invite a friend to come with you
  5. Miniature tornado story- Run, that’s some freaky Halloween stuff you didn’t need in your life
  6. Jinx’s potion brewery story- Flask of Arcane Almighty
  7. Echo in Forest story- Yell for help
  8. Stray dark kitten story- Search for the owner
  9. Graveyard story- Explore the realm
  10. Strolling around shops story- Ferocious werewolf mask

Keep in mind, picking the answers mentioned above won’t guarantee a Halo but only increases the chances to win one. That said, there is no guaranteed method to win the Halo apart from choosing the answers above.