All Halloween halo answers in Roblox Royale High (2022)

All the answers that you need to select.

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Halloween is on the horizon, and events to celebrate the same are going live on several Roblox Games. Like last year, Roblox Royale High has introduced the Halloween Stories challenge, in which players need to go through a set of stories and pick an answer at the end of each one. Each story has four possible answers, and each answer yields a different reward. That said, every player is likely aiming for the coveted Halo, which can only possibly be acquired by selecting specific answers.

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All Halloween halo answers

The table below lists all the stories you will come across in the game, along with the correct option (multiple in some cases).

StoryCreatorCorrect Option
Giant magical scarecrowyunoeiasOption C
Abandoned pumpkin patch3QueenofMean/LuvharhtOption C
Hazel the earth fairyDeathana23No correct option
Butternut’s stolen acornsEspressaBloxOptions B and C
Flyer for the Wickery Cliffs Halloween FestivalSiderealStarOptions B and D
Adam first at the Fall FestivaSupxrStxllarNo correct option
Potion ingredients in the Halloween-themed houseNoahYuppersOptions B and C
Intersection in the corn mazenights_starryNo correct option
Royale High Fall Farmers MarketbarbiedelightsOption A
Elderly lady who offers to knit you somethingTheDarkBrotherOption B
Snowy owlDevellleOption A
Colorful leaf from the fountain dimensionDarcyRicafortTeeYT/ XxKateKunxXOption B
Foggy woods after following the weepinglikesleep124Options A and B
Black cat on the cliffNovaKronk/Gxbri3iiaOption B
Abandoned MansioniiDisney_FreakOption C
Noticing the fox, orange forest, and colorful sunsetfawneriOption A
Glowing chest in the costume storeMiniAprilCupckesOptions B and C
Desert from the old woman at the fall-themed cafétaeateteaNo correct option
Potion to make at the youthful witch’s boothxxAsraeliaOptions A and D
Swirling leaves turn into something that looks humanoidQuantumSpaceholeOptions A and B
Pumpkin to carve for the baby-faced girl’s contestRandom_VanYTNo correct option
Maxwell the GhostluvllyheartsOption B
Old man rake his leavesMinoRulez2468No correct option
Black kitten in a hatHealthyPoisoningOption B
Falling into a portal and landing in a graveyardAnimalcrossinggamer4Option C

Keep in mind picking the answers mentioned above won’t guarantee a Halo but only increases the chances of winning one. Hence, few stories have multiple correct options or none. However, you can always replay the event, and eventually, you’ll acquire the Halo.