All Harbor abilities in Valorant

Learn how to use water to control the battlefield with Harbor.

Image via Riot Games

After months of teasing and slow reveals, Valorant players can finally get their hands on Harbor, the latest Valorant Agent hailing from India. He is a much-needed Controller class character who uses water powers to help his team and quite literally control the engagements. His main strengths revolve around blocking sightlines and directing engagements through slows, while also providing a few nasty surprises along the way. Below, we’ll talk about all of Harbor’s abilities and give explanations about what they do and how best to employ them.

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All Harbor’s abilities in Valorant

High Tide (Signature, default E)

This is Harbor’s Signature ability that he can restock 40 seconds after using it. It is a wall of water that he can send forward along the ground. By holding the fire button, he can guide the water with his crosshair (like Phoenix’s flame wall or Jett’s smoke), bending it along the way. The wall passes through objects up to a length of 50 meters, although you can stop it early by pressing the alt-fire button. 

Image via PlayValorant

This wall blocks vision and slows players who pass through it by 30% for about half a second. However, it won’t stop bullets from passing through, so you still have to be careful. Using this ability essentially gives your team a smoke line that’s a more flexible version of Viper’s wall.

Cove (default Q)

This ability lets Harbor equip a throwable sphere of shielding water. Upon hitting the ground, it spawns a water bubble that can stop bullets. You can throw it far with your left click, or use right click for a shorter underhand throw. 

Image via PlayValorant

You can buy one per round for 350 Creds. It is a sphere that’s 4.5m in radius, with 500 HP before it disintegrates, or it evaporates after 15 seconds (starting to decay after 10s). Obviously, you can use this ability to save a teammate’s life, but some advanced uses could involve using it to block lines of sight or setting up traps.

Cascade (default C)

Using this ability, Harbor sends a wave of water rolling forward and slowing enemies, until you use alt-fire to stop it and it remains as a wall. Just like High Tide, it slows players it touches by 30% for about half a second. 

Image via PlayValorant

This ability costs 150 Creds to buy and can be rolled to a distance of 35 meters, after which it will last for 5 seconds while stationary. This ability is best used to snare enemy players for easy kills in tandem with your teammates, although you can use it as an emergency sight block when High Tide is not available.

Reckoning (Ultimate, default X)

Harbor’s Ultimate ability unleashes the full power of his artifact. Fire it to summon a geyser pool on the ground. All enemy players caught in the area will be targeted by successive geyser strikes on their location. Those that get caught in the strikes will get concussed. The area moves more or less along with Harbor himself, giving you a measure of control of when and where it strikes.

Image via PlayValorant

This ability takes 7 Ult Points to get online, and you can use it not only to try and concuss the opponents but also as a way to clear them from an established position, as a form of intel gathering. After all, if they remain in the area of the ultimate, they’ll be sitting ducks, operating in that sense much like Killjoy’s ultimate.