All Hornetaur item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Big horns for the Hornetaur’s entrance theme.

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Not to be confused with the Hermitaur, the Hornetaur is a tough beetle that calls the Jungle its home. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces new locations such as the Jungle, home to tough monsters and wildlife. Even the wilderness can provide some great armor and weapons, and the Hornetaur is no different. This guide will break down the items and materials hunting them down will reward.

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All Hornetaur material drops

The Hornetaur are hard to find beetles roaming around various areas in the Jungle. Finding them consistently can be a pain point, but Sunbreak has a quest that can significantly help if you need to farm these rare creatures.

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The “Buggin’ Out” quest, available at the start of the Sunbreak campaign, is a great way to farm these creatures. During this quest, the in-game map will mark them for you, making them easy to hunt down and farm. Repeat the mission as much as needed for all of their materials.

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These are the materials that can be carved from a Hornetaur.

  • Hornetaur Cortex – 40% carve chance.
  • Hornetaur Razorwing – 32% carve chance.
  • Monster Essence – 18% carve chance.
  • Hornetaur Head – 10% carve chance.

These parts can be used for a fantastic Dragon hunting armor set. Their specialty armor provides maximum Dragon resistance and bonus attack power. Hornitaur parts can also be used to create a potent early game Long Sword, the Black Katana Mk.1. Fans of this weapon should rush to craft it, as it can carry you through much of Sunbreaks challenging hunts.

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This weapon has no inherent elemental affinity, making it ideal for every target you hunt down. It also has a small bonus affinity percentage, which will cause it to strike for critical damage more often. This weapon doesn’t need any prior crafted weapons, so this blade is ideal for players just starting their Sunbreak journey.