All Hermitaur item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Hermitaur packs one shell of a punch.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is home to deadly creatures, both large and small. The Hermitaur is one such creature. Despite being categorized as wildlife, these shy crustaceans can provide some excellent materials for building defensive-minded armor and weapons. They are more challenging to slay than most small creatures, so use your best attacks on them before they burrow and hide from you. This guide will cover all their dropped materials and items you will be rewarded for carving them.

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All Hermitaur material drops

Hermitaur takes up residence in several areas spread throughout regular Rise and Sunbreak locations. If you need a large number of Hermitaur parts, going to the Sunbreak Jungle level is a great place to hunt them down in significant numbers. Upon arriving at the Jungle, make a big lap circling the outer beaches of the Jungle to grab around seven to ten Hermitaur per trip.

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Successfully hunting and carving these tough shelled creatures will yield the following materials.

  • Tiny Hermitaur Shell – 49% carve chance.
  • Tough Claw – 27% carve chance.
  • Carapaceon Brains+ – 24% carve chance.

As with other small creatures such as Vespoids, use your Meowcenaries to supplement your hunt for these materials. Carapaceon Brains are the rare material they offer, and it is used in various upgrades and food recipes. These parts can be used to craft a great starter set of armor for the Sunbreak campaign.

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The Hermitaur armor comes packed with built-in Guard skills. The high Guard skill capacity makes this a great armor set for the Lance and Gunlance classes. With Guard at level five, you can mitigate all damage incurred from blocking monster attacks. This is useful as Master Rank content in the Sunbreak expansion is much more challenging than even high-rank missions can be.