All Hunter weapons in Midnight Ghost Hunt and what they do

Fight the spectral menace with leaf blowers and a lot of salt.

Midnight Ghost Hunt weapons guide

Image via Vaulted Sky Games

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Midnight Ghost Hunt is an evolution of the prop hunt subgenre, giving props players and prop hunters alike a lot of interesting items to use, and a complex sandbox to experiment in. In this guide, we will go over all weapons available to Hunter players and explain their effects and the optimal ways to use them.


This is the most popular weapon in Midnight Ghost Hunt at the moment, and for a good reason. The acid-shooting Flamethrower is great for hunting before midnight, as it can quickly check props for Ghosts, and can be reliably fired while moving. Note, that the Flamethrower’s attack doesn’t do any damage, but instead applies a long-lasting damage-over-time effect on enemies. You don’t need to hold the trigger down and hose Ghosts: just spray them once and then follow them to re-apply the acid burn as soon as it expires.


This nailgun-looking SMG fires freezing projectiles, slowing down props on impact. If enough slow is built up on a prop, the Frostbite will begin to damage it like any other weapon; it also always damages Ghosts it hits directly. The slowing debuff is completely canceled out on props affected by Flamethrower acid, so be mindful of what weapons your fellow Hunters are using. The Frostbite is an all-rounded Midnight Ghost Hunt weapon and can be useful both before and after Midnight.

Project X

This spectral chaingun deals heavy damage to anything you aim it at, and can reliably keep Ghosts at bay if you have another Hunter watching your back. The Project X can feel cumbersome to use at first, as it goes on a lengthy cooldown if you allow it to overheat, so make sure to let go of the trigger before that happens. The Quick Reload perk can be used to reduce the downtime of this weapon’s overheat mechanic if it ever becomes a problem.


A hybrid between a sniper rifle and a grenade launcher, this slow-firing scoped weapon shoots darts that stick to targets, deal damage over time, and then explode. Experienced Ghosts can avoid the explosion damage by exiting their current prop, but hitting a Ghost directly is sure to pacify them. The Reaper and Harpoon Bazooka are two of the strongest weapons in Midnight Ghost Hunt, but Ghosts can counter them by using perks and abilities like Spirit, Blast Resistant, Trickster, and Telekinesis.

Salt Shotgun

The Salt Shotgun is your standard double-barrel boomstick. It deals negligible damage at range, but it really hurts Ghosts who get too close and knocks them back. It fires in a wide cone, letting you check multiple props with each shot. We recommend using the Extended Mag perk when wielding a Salt Shotgun, as the extra shot makes for a lot of additional damage.

Spectral Cannon

The starter weapon in Midnight Ghost Hunt is fully automatic and has good range, but its overall effectiveness is low due to a sluggish fire rate and reload, and slow-moving projectiles. On the plus side, its shots have a small area of effect, which is helpful if you need to check suspicious props quickly.

Utility weapons

Some of the weapons in Midnight Ghost Hunt are intended for special, niche tactics, and require a coordinated team to get any use out of them.

  • Ghostmasher. This weapon deals heavy damage to Ghosts that get too close, but it’s pretty bad at breaking props and limits you to fighting at melee range.
  • Harpoon Bazooka. This savage weapon is reminiscent of the Deathslinger’s gun in Dead by Daylight. It fires a harpoon that deals damage over time and pulls hooked ghosts toward you; you can right-click to detach the hook early. While harpooned, Ghosts cannot possess props, but they can use the Spirit ability to instantly unhook and escape. As mean as it looks, the Harpoon Bazooka is not strong enough to kill Ghosts on its own, so make sure your team focuses down your prey while you have them hooked.
  • Riot Shield. This melee weapon deals extremely low damage but it knocks Ghosts back on hit. If you hold up the shield with the right mouse key, it will block attacks from the front, and you can continue to attack with it. Eventually, the Shield will be overloaded from the ghostly energy and will have to be lowered again for a while. The Riot Shield is a good weapon to bring if you intend to support your team and guard them while they do the actual Ghost hunting. It pairs especially well with the Healing Aura perk.
  • Sledgehammer. The twin weapon of the Ghostmasher, the Sledgehammer breaks props with ease and can be used to clear out an area if Hunters need to make their final stand there after midnight. However, it is basically useless against Ghosts, dealing lower damage per hit than even the Riot Shield.