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Red Dead Online: All Items from Gus McMillan

Gus McMillian has several items for sale for you in Red Dead Online, and this guide lists out every item you can purchase from him.

Gus McMillian is a vendor you can find in Red Dead Online, and he holds multiple unique items for you to acquire. Many of the item requirements from Gus have you hunting down some of the more powerful animals that make up Red Dead Online’s wildlife.

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Spending the time to track down these creatures takes a lot of time, and you need to be careful when hunting them. However, the rewards are well worth it. Here’s what you need to know about all items that Gus McMillian sells in Red Dead Online.

Every Item Sold by Gus McMillian in Red Dead Online

There are several items you can purchase from Gus, but the main prize is going to be the Garment Sets in Red Dead Online. These are awarded to you if you’ve taken down legendary animals, and you bring them back to their pelts, but you need to bring it to him undamaged.

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Garment Sets

Garment Sets stem from Legendary Animals. You will obtain the missions from Harriet but must kill the animals instead of sampling them. Do not worry; the animals respawn each mission, so there’s no limit to how often you can kill or sample them. Keep in mind, that these animals always take multiple shots to kill without ruining the quality.

Due to the bugs associated with Legendary animal spawns at higher levels, we haven’t unlocked the free-roam items yet.

  • Banded Hood and Coat
    • $772.25
    • Banded Gator Skin
  • Chalk Horn Hood and Coat
    • $398.50
    • Chalk Horn Ram Pelt
  • Cogi Hood and Coat
    • $256.50
    • Cogi Bear Pelt
  • Cross Hood and Coat
    • $857.25
    • Cross Fox Pelt
  • Emerald Hoot and Coat
    • $325.00
    • Emerald Wolf Pelt
  • Gabbro Horn Hood and Coat
    • $254.00
    • Gabbro Horn Ram Pelt
  • Icahi Hood and Coat
    • $256.50
    • Icahi Boar Pelt
  • Iguga Hood and Coat
    • $575.00
    • Iguga Cougar Pelt
  • Inahme Hood and Coat
    • $770.00
    • Inahme Elk Pelt
  • Iwakta Hood and Coat
    • $845.00
    • Iwakta Panther Pelt
  • Katata Hood and Coat
    • $330.25
    • Katata Elk Pelt
  • Marble Hood and Coat
    • $640.00
    • Marble Fox Pelt
  • Maza Hood and Coat
    • $743.00
    • Maza Cougar Pelt
  • Midnight Paw Hood and Coat
    • $402.50
    • Midnight Paw Coyote Pelt
  • Milk Hood and Coat
    • $622.00
    • Milk Coyote Pelt
  • Moon Hood and Coat
    • $368.15
    • Moon Beaver Pelt
  • Moonstone Hood and Coat
    • $772.25
    • Moonstone Wolf Pelt
  • Mud Runner Hood and Coat
    • $220.50
    • Mud Runner Buck Pelt
  • Night Hood and Coat
    • $575.00
    • Night Beaver Pelt
  • Nightwalker Hood and Coat
    • $422.50
    • Nightwalker Panther Pelt
  • Onyx Hood and Coat
    • $504.00
    • Onyx Wolf Pelt
  • Ota Hood and Coat
    • $482.25
    • Ota Fox Pelt
  • Ozula Hood and Coat
    • $508.25
    • Ozula Elk Pelt
  • Payta Hood and Coat
    • $833.25
    • Payta Bison Pelt
  • Red Streak Hood and Coat
    • $256.60
    • Red Streak Coyote Pelt
  • Rutile Horn Hood and Coat
    • $615.60
    • Rutile Horn Ram Pelt
  • Sapa Hood and Coat
    • $995.00
    • Sapa Cougar Pelt
  • Shadow Hood and Coat
    • $705.00
    • Shadow Buck Pelt
  • Snow Hood and Coat
    • $329.70
    • Snow Buck Pelt
  • Sun Hood and Coat
    • $535.00
    • Sun Gator Skin
  • Tatanka Hood and Coat
    • $418.25
    • Tatanka Bison
  • Teca Hood and Coat
    • $378.25
    • Teca Gator Skin
  • Wakpa Hood and Coat
    • $408.00
    • Wakpa Boar Pelt
  • Winyan Hood and Coat
    • $548.25
    • Winyan Bison Pelt
  • Zizi Hood and Coat
    • $230.25
    • Zizi Beaver Pelt


There are six categories of clothing: Hats, Bandoliers, Coats, Gauntlets, Gloves, and Pants. Because there are Legendary Animals of multiple colors (Dark, Light, Red, Blonde, and Patterned, according to the journal), all the clothing items have different color variations. We’ve compiled a list of all the items and their requirements.


  • Babin Hat – $175.00
    • Perfect Coyote Carcass
  • Cornhill Hat – $166.25
    • Perfect Badger Carcass
  • Seaward Hat – $139.59
    • Perfect Beaver Carcass
  • Dotson Hat – $172.50
    • Perfect Fox Carcass


  • Farnholme Bandolier – $160
    • Perfect Deer Carcass
  • Farnholme Double Bandolier – $320
    • Two Perfect Deer Carcasses
  • Tanguma Bandolier – $174
    • Perfect Ram Hide
  • Tanguma Double Bandolier – $348
    • Two Perfect Deer Hides


  • Maerbay Coat – $315.25
    • Perfect Bear Pelt
  • Glenwood Coat – 5 Gold Bars
    • not crafted, purchased with gold bars, and available right away.
  • Maxwell Jacket – $188.25
    • Perfect Sheep Hide


  • Woodcote Ponchos
    • Perfect Wolf Pelt


  • Tierney Gauntlets – $136.25
    • Two Perfect Rabbit Pelts


  • Mountfleet Gloves – $105
    • Perfect Goat Hide


  • Lawncliff Pants – $152
    • Perfect Buck Pelt


Trinkets are additional, expensive items Gus can craft depending on the parts provided. The Naturalist role requires pulling resources from other roles. For example, Harriet becomes upset with you if you kill animals too often, which may be an issue for hardcore Traders. Gus is the same way. The trinkets require both animal parts and jewelry from the Collector role. 

Despite taking items from the Collector, Trinkets will buff the player. Each buff will be listed with the item. 

  • Beaver Tooth Trinket – $795
    • Two Beaver Teeth, Calumet Turquoise Earrings
    • Permanently slows degradation for all weapons by 10 percent
  • Buck Antler Trinket – $775
    • Buck Antlers, Dane Topaz Necklace
    • The player is more likely to receive better quality pelts and skins from animals in perfect condition.
  • Javelina Tusk Trinket – $500
    • Javelina Tusk, Elliston Carved Bracelet
    • Permanently increases the player’s horse bonding rate by 10 percent.
  • Ram Horn Trinket – $550
    • Bighorn Horn, Aubrey Onyx Ring
    • Picking Creeping Thyme, Oregano, and Wild Mint yields twice as many herbs.
  • Snowy Egret Trinket – $800
    • Three Snowy Egret Plumes
    • Braxton Amethyst Necklace


Equipment is part of the upgrades available based on role progression. At least some of them are. There are two categories of equipment, weapons and “made-to-order saddle bags”.


  • Alligator Variant (Improved Bow) – 9 Gold Bars
  • Horned Variant (Improved Bow) – 12 Gold Bars
  • Jaguar Variant (Improved Bow) – 14 Gold Bars

Made-To-Order Saddle Bags:

Saddle bags can be purchased from Gus but must be equipped at the stables.

  • Bigpaw Saddle Bag – 8 Gold Bars
    • No supplies. Gold purchase and available right away. 
  • Softcoat Saddle Bag – $205
    • Two Perfect Beaver Pelts


Gus does provide ammunition. These do not require the player to donate supplies. They can be bought right away.

  • Arrows (x5) – $0.20
  • Varmint Rifle Cartridges (x60) – $0.40
  • Nitro Express Rifle Cartridges (x4) – $0.40

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