All launch games and channels for Amazon Luna

We’re surfing through what channels Amazon Luna has to offer.

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With Amazon Luna hitting the streaming scene, it’s worth considering what the service has to offer.

What separates Luna from other game streaming services is its channel options. Whereas most video game streaming services are content to sell you their whole package under one subscription, Amazon wants to give you the option to pay more.

For Amazon Prime members this means a monthly selection of new games to choose from in addition to several channels to add on for $4.99 a month and Ubisoft+ for $17.99 a month.

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Out of all the channels, Luna+ has the gaming catalog mostly likely to satisfy a core gaming audience.

As far as big triple-A games go, the Luna+ package has things covered with Control, Saints Row: The Third, and Dirt 5 along with JRPG titles like the Yakuza Series and Ys. There are also a few indie titles like Carrion, Gris, and Katana Zero to provide some variety in gameplay and visual presentation.

Out of all of the Amazon Luna channels, Luna+ makes the most sense for Luna customers who already game and know what they want to play. With a good mix of critical hits and indie darlings, Luna+ is the best place to start for most Amazon Luna users.

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Family Channel

The Family Channel, as the name suggests, is an obvious add-on for any Amazon Luna subscriber with kids or looking to entertain a younger player.

Highlights from the Family Channel include Skatebird, Overcooked, and Garfield Kart to ensure as many multiplayer bases are covered. The modern classic SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is also included to round out the package with a good collectathon platformer.

While the Family Channel has some quality games in its catalog, it’s also clear that it’s the most bloated Luna channel. A good portion of the selection is reminiscent of the bargain games bin at your local electronics store, but don’t let that detract from the goods on offer.

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Old-school Capcom fans rejoice because the Luna Retro channel is your one-stop for Capcom classics.

If you’re looking for a place to stream Missile Command, Super Breakout, or Bad Dudes then the Retro channel is the place for you. Outside of Atari and arcade classics, both the Castlevania and Contra collections are included, along with the arcade fighter classic Street Fighter II.

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Prime Gaming

If there’s one plus side to being a paying member of the Amazon Prime fiefdom it’s the free stuff you get, and now that includes the Prime Gaming Channel for Luna.

The Prime Gaming Channel is the one free channel (for Prime subscribers) for Amazon Luna. While Prime Gaming doesn’t have as large or varied of a catalog as some of the other channels, it makes up for it with monthly variety.

Every month Prime members are treated to a new selection of games to choose from, launching with Phogs, Devil May Cry 5, Flashback, and Observer.

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Still somehow can’t get enough of Ubisoft games? Well, Ubisoft+ has the Rainbow Six, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs series just for you.

The only Amazon Luna channel not to cost $4.99, Ubisoft+ comes in at a premium fee of $17.99 a month for access to all the Ubisoft games you should ever need. Every open world from Assassin’s Creed to Watch Dogs is on offer along with other Ubisoft hits like Beyond Good and Evil, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Uno Ultimate edition.

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Jackbox Games

The only channel to rival the Family Channel’s claim to game night is inarguably the Jackbox Games channel.

The entire reason Jackbox Games is imperative for every subscriber to have is that getting access to all eight Jackbox Party Packs for $4.99 is the best deal on Luna.

From Drawful to Trivia Murder Party, the only thing any Luna user needs to be the hit of any party is a subscription to the Jackbox Games Channel.