All Legend buffs and changes for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Eight legends are seeing changes to their abilities in Season 7.

Mirage armed

Every season of Apex Legends brings changes to the meta, some legends get nerfed, others get buffed, and some just get changed. This season though, there isn’t too much nerfing going on, and quite a lot of our long-time legends are getting big buffs to some abilities. Here’s a look at all the changes our existing legends are going through before queuing up against Horizon.

All Ability Changes

  • Bangalore, [Ultimate] Rolling Thunder:
    Will now explode in 6 seconds, instead of 8.
  • Caustic, [Tactical & Ultimate] Nox Gas Trap/Nox Gas Grenade:
    Gas no longer blurs enemy vision, but will deal 6-12 damage each tick, instead of 4-10.
  • Mirage, [Tactical & Ultimate] Psyche Out/Life of the Party:
    Decoys still glitch out on hit, but now have 45 health, making bamboozles harder to spot at first.
  • Octane, [Passive] Swift Mend:
    Doubled healing rate from 0.5 hp every second, to 1 hp every second.
  • Wattson, [Tactical] Perimeter Security:
    Increased damage per touch from 10 to 15.
  • Loba, [Ultimate] Black Market Boutique:
    Taking ammo doesn’t take up an item slot. Players can each take two items and as much ammo as they want.
  • Rampart, [Tactical & Ultimate] Amped Wall/Sheila:
    Decreased timers. Spin-up time for Sheila is now 1.25 seconds instead of 2, and Amped Wall build time is now 3 seconds instead of 4.


Pathfinder in the legend going through the most changes, thus will have his own section.

New Hitbox

First and foremost, he is getting a new hitbox. This will more properly highlight his shape and cover things like his boxy shoulders better than before.

Pathfinder Hitbox
Image via Respawn

He will still have the Low Profile perk, meaning he will still be harder to hit than most legends, but it will be at a rate that seems fairer.

All Grappling Hook Changes

  • The grappling hook cooldown can now reset before Pathfinder hits the ground
  • The drop speed Pathfinder must hit to finish a grapple is now 500 units per second, from 300
  • Max cooldown is now 30 seconds, instead of 35
  • Max travel time before new cooldown is 5 seconds, meaning a cooldown will never go over 35 seconds for the grapple
  • Doubled distance of travel before max cooldown is reached

Overall, a lot of legends are getting buffed, while Caustic’s and Pathfinders changes offer some give and take of positive and negative elements.