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All Legendary Accessories in Back 4 Blood and what they do

New effects!

Back 4 Blood’s accessories are crucial to have on hand. Whether you need healing or stopping a mutated Ridden in its tracks, coming prepared is important. Added a while after the game’s launch, Legendary Accessories not only have better stats to them, but they have special effects that help separate them from the usual items you come across in the game. Here are all of the Legendary Accessories in Back 4 Blood and what they do.

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How to get Legendary Accessories

Getting any of the below Legendary Accessories is completely random when you open up Corrupted Chests in Ridden Hives. They do not appear in the normal levels.

What all Back 4 Blood Legendary Accessories do

Badge of Pride

Badge of Pride is the new Bandage Accessory that will also heal any teammates within a significant range of you. If you have Doc with a bunch of good healing efficiency cards, this can almost do the same kind of healing a Medkit would do, but for everyone. It also has a 50% chance of not being redeemed upon use.

Blinding High-Beams

Blinding High-Beams is a new Flash- Grenade that explodes six times, disorienting enemies and making them take more damage while stunned. It has a large radius and lasts for ten seconds, a significant amount of time when a horde is coming in, and you are cornered with a Crusher or other special Ridden.

Marine Munchies

Marine Munchies is the new super-powered Ammo Pack. Using it will give you a guaranteed full refill of your ammo and drop three basic Ammo Cards for your team to pick up. There is an additional high chance that Offensive Accessories will drop as well.

Medical Grade Taser

Medical Grade Taser is the new better Defibrillator. It will fully heal whoever it is reviving and will automatically revive whoever is holding it when they go down.

Nurse Purse

The Nurse Purse is the new Legendary Medkit Accessory. The item gives massive healing, of course, recovering all health and trauma, and drops three Health Cards for your teammates to pick up.

Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce is a powered-up Molotov that creates a large radius of fire that lasts for 14 seconds and deals significant fire damage. Any enemy that is lit on fire will also light other enemies within five meters of them.

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