All loot truck spawn locations in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 8

There are four trucks on the island.

Image via PUBG Corporation

You can now find loot trucks roaming the Sanhok map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and inside these behemoths are plenty of weapons and gear you can use to your advantage. These trucks contain a variety of high-level equipment and even some new confiscated weapons you and your team can use. Unfortunately, destroying them is no easy task. But before you can try to destroy them, you need to be able to find them and recognize where they spawn into the game.

PUBG Season 8 Loot Truck spawn locations on the map

There are only ever four trucks available on the map, but there are eight potential spawn locations.

There are garages outside the four training camps on the map. Because these trucks immediately spawn and start their route when the game begins, you’re unlikely to land at those locations and find them, but it helps to give you an idea of where to start looking. You can check the standard roads connected together on the entire map to summarize a decent guess of where you need to try and ambush these trucks.

When attacking the loot trucks, they will drop items when damaging them. While these do provide decent items, the real prize is earned by taking it out, so make sure to aim for the vehicle’s wheels to slow it down, and then focus on it with your squad to take it out.