All Memory collectibles in chapter four, Flicker in Life is Strange: True Colors

Be sure to grab these while celebrating.

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In chapter four of Life is Strange: True Colors, the Spring Festival is happening in Haven Springs, and Alex is partaking in the festivities. As is the case with the other chapters, this part of the story has five Memory collectibles for you to find. Here are all of the Memory collectibles in the Flicker chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors.

Pressed rose

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The first collectible is a Press Rose you can find at the very beginning of the chapter in Alex’s apartment. It is on the wall above the kitchen table.

The rest of the collectibles can be found once you go outside to the festival. Be sure to grab these before talking to Ryan at the stage.

Drum kit

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The drum kit is very easy to find, being on the stage. When you get control of Alex outside, turn around.


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After you get the drum kit, go behind the stage and find the microphone on the ground.


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To find the Polaroid, go into the bar. It is on the wall by the women’s bathroom in the back, next to the emergency exit door.

CIT Sticker

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You will need to do a little traveling to get the CIT sticker. It is on the window facing the alley of the flower shop.