All Myling strengths and weaknesses in Phasmophobia

Keep your ears sharp.


Image via Kinetic Games

The Myling is the loudmouth of the supernatural world in Phasmophobia. You’ll probably know it’s going to be the ghost you’re hunting based on how much it’s making during your paranormal investigation, but you also want to confirm that it is the ghost by gathering up all of the evidence. However, if it stops making noise, you and your crew are probably in trouble. This guide details all of Myling’s strengths and weaknesses in Phasmophobia.

A Myling’s greatest strength is that when it is hunting paranormal investigators, it becomes eerily quiet and starts stalking them. So if you don’t hear as much noise as you and your team were accustomed to hearing during the investigation, there’s a high chance the Myling is in its hunting mode, and it’s going to be after you.

However, it’ll be making noise throughout the entire investigation. These noises include the whispering you sometimes hear while the ghost is close to you. You’ll want to use your team’s EMF reader to locate its central area and then find fingerprints where you believe the ghost has been by. The ghostwriting tool book will also be key to identifying if the ghost you’re hunting is a Myling or not.

After you’ve confirmed all three points of evidence, you can make the Myling choice in your journal and return to the van. You’ll want to make sure you have your volume set as high as possible when hunting down this creature.