All Neon Red gifts in Neon White Mission 1: Rebirth

This will help unlock her sidequest.

Neon White gives a gift to Neon Red

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You’ll meet Neon Red very early into Neon White’s campaign, and right off the bat, it’s apparent that she and White have some sort of history. It’s not exactly clear what their shared past is, but by playing through the game and retrieving gifts for Red, you’ll be able to deepen White’s relationship with her, which will result in you learning more about the red-haired assassin.

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In the game’s first mission, Rebirth, you can find three gifts for Neon Red scattered throughout the mission’s 10 levels. Here’s where to find them.

Rebirth Level 2: Pummel

When you start this level, continue forward until you see the floating round demons underneath a tall archway. You should see the gift on a platform sticking out from the left side of the archway.

A red gift sits on a ledge next to some enemies
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Once you see the gift, use the Purify ability to create an explosion. Jump on the explosion, and you’ll get launched high in the air. You should get enough air to land on the platform containing the gift.

Rebirth Level 8: Climb

This is one of the easier gifts to find. Play through the level as you would normally, but at the end, don’t just blow up the wooden door to reveal the endpoint. The gift is located on a platform right above the endpoint. Use the Purify ability to launch yourself up to the gift.

A gift sits above a wooden plank
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Rebirth Level 10: Glass Port

The last level of Rebirth also contains one of the trickier gifts to find. Toward the end of the level, you’ll slide through a stream of water that will take you by a boat that houses the level’s endpoint. At the end of this stream, you’ll encounter a demon that you can kill for an Elevate card.

A demon fights Neon White's protagonist
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Kill the demon, grab your card, and jump on top of the structure behind it. Turn around and you should see a very large building. By this point, you should have three Purify cards. Use the first one to get on top of the thin platform that water is flowing out of.

Water flows out of a structure
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Then, use the second one to get on the taller part of the roof in front of you.

A building's roof
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Use the final one to get on top of the tallest building, and you’ll find the gift.

A red gift on a rooftop
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