How to find and give gifts in Neon White

A great way to build your social links.

Neon White's cast

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In Neon White, you’ll meet a variety of characters, some of whom are fellow Demon Slayers like Neon Red, Neon Violet, and Neon Yellow. You’ll interact with these characters plenty throughout the main story, but if you put in a little effort to find a hidden gift within each level, you can develop your relationships with them further, which, in turn, can go on to affect the game’s story. Here’s how to make your social links with your fellow Demon Slayers as strong as they can be in Neon White.

How to find gifts

You won’t be able to find gifts when playing a level for the first time. You’ll first have to finish a level with at least a Bronze medal to level up your Insight to level one. Once you do this, on the results screen, you should see a message stating that gifts have been unlocked on the level. If you replay the level, you’ll now be able to find and collect a gift.

A red gift sits on a ledge next to some enemies
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Every level has one gift, and they tend to be a bit out of the way of the main path. When you’re hunting for gifts, don’t worry about speed; just take your time while exploring. Some gifts might require you to use your Discard Abilities in creative ways to reach sections of a level that the main path doesn’t cover. Once you find a gift, the game will tell you who the gift is for, and the level will automatically end.

Red Perfume gift for Neon Red
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How to give gifts

Giving gifts is a much more simple affair than finding them. From the game’s hub map, you can see the locations of each character. If you have a gift to give to someone, there will be a small present icon by the character’s portrait.

Neon White's world map
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Just visit the location of the character you have a gift for, talk with them, and you’ll be given the option to give them the gift. Do it, and you’ll deepen your relationship with them just a bit further, which can unlock new dialogue scenes, as well as sidequests.

Neon White gives a gift to Neon Red
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