All new Acts added to Warframe for Nightwave Series 3 Glassmaker

What will you be doing?

Glassmaker Patch Notes

A new Nightwave series means new Acts that we will be completing. In Nightwave, you need to complete Acts to earn Standing and progress through the Nighwave rewards. A selection of Daily, Weekly, and Elite Weekly Acts are available. When you complete them, you earn a set amount of Standing.

Many of the new acts are quite simple, but some will be challenging. You can find them all below.


  • Gatherer: Collect 100 Resources
  • Deep Impact: Suspend 5 or more enemies in the air at once with a Heavy Slam Melee Attack
  • Friendly Fire: While piloting a hijacked Crewship, destroy 3 enemy Fighters
  • Child at Heart: Play a game of Frame Fighter, Happy Zephyr, or Wyrmius
  • Patron: Donate to the Leverian
  • Doppelganger: Deploy a Specter
  • Swordsman: Complete a Mission with only a Melee Weapon equipped
  • Hands Full: Complete a Mission with only a Primary Weapon equipped
  • Sidearm: Complete a Mission with only a Secondary Weapon equipped
  • No Mercy: Mercy Kill an Enemy
  • Hush: Kill a Kuva Thrall
  • Reclaimed: Clear a personal Kuva Lich Influenced Node
  • Just Visiting: Visit a Featured Dojo


  • Explorer: Complete 3 Railjack Missions
  • Forward Thinking: Destroy a Crewship with Forward Artillery
  • Flawless: Clear a Railjack Boarding Party without your Warframe taking damage
  • Confiscated: Hijack a Crewship from the enemy
  • Heavy Ordnance: Kill 500 enemies with an Arch Gun

Elite Weekly

  • Grand: Kill The Exploiter Orb
  • Choose Wisely: Kill or Convert a Kuva Lich
  • Elite Explorer: Complete 8 Railjack Missions
  • Machine Interface: Complete a Spy mission with 3 manual console hacks and no alarms
  • Speedster: Finish a Capture mission in less than 90 seconds