All new cards in Season 2 of NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Blake Griffin and Patrick Ewing highlight an impressive new set of collectibles.

Even with the start date of the 2021 NBA season remaining up in the air, NBA 2K21 still manages to scrounge up some creative post-launch content to keep interest alive. Season 2 of MyTeam is obvious proof of this. Inside the new Season Agenda and challenges, players will discover a batch of never-before-seen cards that revolve around rising youngsters, along with others that now rank among the best in the mode.

New Cards unlocked from the Season Agenda

Starting with the Season Agenda (2K21’s iteration of a battle pass), this is where you’ll be able to notch most of the young stars. In total, there are 40 levels you’ll have to finish out, but there are eight new cards you can collect along the way.

  • Level 1: 96 overall Zion Williamson (Free Agent)
  • Level 7: 78 overall Luka Doncic (Gold)
  • Level 13: 81 overall Rui Hachimura (Emerald)
  • Level 20: 85 overall Duncan Robinson (Sapphire)
  • Level 24: 88 overall Jaren Jackson Jr. (Ruby)
  • Level 28: 90 overall Trae Young (Amethyst)
  • Level 33: 92 overall Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Diamond)
  • Level 40: 96 overall Blake Griffin (Pink Diamond)

New Cards unlocked through challenges

Most of the aforementioned cards are solid additions to any team, but the best are found elsewhere. Some of the challenges needed to receive these will be pretty tough, so some users may need to use locker codes to boost their team. Here is where to find all of the rarest Season 2 cards, only available for a limited-time.

  • 96 overall Jaylen Brown (Pink Diamond): Collect all six rings in MyTeam Limited to guarantee this reward.
  • 96 overall Patrick Ewing (Pink Diamond): This is unlocked once the MyTeam Unlimited mode is completed.
  • 93 overall Rafer Alston (Diamond): Finish all 10 Season 2 Spotlight challenges to earn Alston, as well as a bonus West Tip-Off Pack.
  • 83 overall Vince Carter (Emerald): This can only be unlocked by entering the following locker code: Vince-Carter-Game-Winner. Once this is obtained, you will be allowed to participate in the Season 2 Signature challenges.