NBA 2K21 MyTeam locker codes (October 2020)

The more codes, the better.

The calendar has turned to October, meaning a brand new month is here. And with that, a new batch of NBA 2K21 locker codes are out. Locker codes are a great way for grinders to get some free MyTeam items without having to spend some real money, so you’ll want to keep up to speed on the latest ones. 2K has already released a few codes to start off the month, so let’s go over each one.

October locker codes for NBA 2K21


  • Item – Sapphire Jimmy Butler (85 OVR) or LeBron James (85) item
  • Expiration Date – 10/4/2020

With the NBA Finals in full swing, it’s no surprise that 2K would commemorate it with a special locker code. Redeem this code, and you will receive one of two Sapphire items, Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat or LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only can this promo help beef up your squad, but it will also be mandatory to have one of these items in your MyTeam lineup in this weekend’s Limited event.


  • ItemChance at a Player Underdogs pack, Gold Contracts pack, or Gold Consumables pack
  • Expiration Date – 10/6/2020

The Playoff Underdogs promo expires in the first full week of October, but you can still get some items with this code. You’ll have a random change at getting a special promo pack, or some consumables or contracts.


  • ItemGuaranteed ’20 Lakers of Heat player item
  • Expiration Date – 10/7/2020

As we mentioned earlier, the NBA Finals are in full swing, so it makes sense that 2K gives away some Lakers and Heat players. Not only can you get a free 85 OVR player, but you can also pick up an additional random player from one of those two teams.


  • ItemChance at an IDOLS SEASON 1: Dominique Wilkins pack, IDOLS SEASON 1: Manu Ginobili pack, or 2 Tokens
  • Expiration Date – 10/9/2020

The IDOLS promo rolls on through the month of October, and you’ll have a chance at getting a free promo pack with this code. Get a favorable roll, and you might have a chance at pulling a Manu Ginobili (95 OVR) or Dominique Wilkins (95 OVR) player item.


  • Item – Chance at a Playoff Records pack, Playoff Stoppers pack, Playoff Underdogs pack, Playoff Dimers pack, or a Back-to-Back pack
  • Expiration Date – 10/13/2020


  • Item – Chance at an NBA Finals pack, Playoff Records, Stoppers, Underdogs, Dimers or Back-to-Back Pack
  • Expiration Date – 10/16/2020


  • Item – One ’19-20 Lakers player
  • Expiration Date – 10/18/2020


  • Item – Chance at a Tip-Off East Pack, Tip-Off West Pack, IDOLS Manu Ginobili Pack, IDOLS Dominique Wilkins Pack, Flash 1 Pack, or a Clutch Pack
  • Expiration Date – 10/20/2020


  • Item – 83 OVR Vince Carter that can be used in the Vinsanity Spotlight Challenge
  • Expiration Date – 11/27/2020


  • Item – Chance at a Next is Now Season Tip-Off East Pack, West Pack, or 3 Tokens
  • Expiration Date – 10/23/2020

This article will be updated throughout the month, so be sure to keep checking out this guide for all the latest locker codes for NBA 2K21.

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