NBA 2K21 MyTeam locker codes (March 2021)

New month, new codes.

It’s March in NBA 2K21, and that means a fresh month of MyTeam content and locker codes. There’s quite a bit of new content in 2K21, thanks to the launch of Season 5: Age of Heroes in February, and that also means new content codes. For those who might be new to MyTeam, locker codes, upon being entered into the system, will grant players a chance to get either packs, Tokens, MT currency, or even guaranteed cards.

So what NBA 2K21 locker codes are new this month? Let’s go over the active codes for the month of March.

March locker codes for NBA 2K21


  • Item – Guaranteed Michael Jordan player item. Card is needed to complete MJ Signature Challenge
  • Expiration Date – 3/26/2021


  • Item – Code for a Pantheon: All-Star Pack, Badge Pack, or three tokens
  • Expiration Date – 3/12/2021


  • Item – Chance at either a Finals, Draft, Possessed, Double Take, Inferno, or Quantum Pack
  • Expiration Date – 3/9/2021


  • Item – Chance at either a Flash 7 Pack, Badge Pack, or tokens
  • Expiration Date – 3/5/2021


  • Item – Chance at either a Yao Ming, Magic Johnson, AD, KD, Dominique Wilkins or Grant Hill IDOLS Pack
  • Expiration Date – 3/2/2021

These are all of the locker codes that either have been active, or are currently active in NBA 2K21. This article will be updated throughout the month, so be sure to keep checking out this guide for all the latest locker codes for NBA 2K21.