All new content in the Guild Wars 2: What Lies Beneath – map, storyline, and collectables update

Dive deep and don’t be scared.

Image via ArenaNet

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Guild Wars 2 has been floating high since the release of its third expansion, End of Dragons. The game has seen a lot of content added, as well as the recreation and update of some old stories that, until recently, only veteran players have had access to. However, in terms of new and fresh content, players have had to wait a while until now. What Lies Beneath launches today for Guild Wars 2, and this is everything players can expect to see in the update in Guild Wars 2.

New map: Gyala Delve

Image via ArenaNet

Players in familiar with Cantha know that there’s a huge portion of the map dominated by what’s known as the Jade Sea. This large green space is the site of the last Dragon Meta event, where players need to band together to fight the boss of the map in order to obtain items and Achievements. The Jade Sea is now getting a second part to it.

Players will be able to enter a brand new area called the Gyala Delve, located beneath the surface of the Jade Sea, an area mined for its invaluable Jade that’s used to power most of Cantha. This solid sea will be the setting for players to experience a whole new side of Cantha, as well as a brand new map-wide Meta event titled The Jade Crisis. 

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New events, stories, and rewards

Image via ArenaNet

With a new map generally comes new rewards, items, and of course, places to farm. The Gyala Delve will be the setting for a new portion of the story, and players will be able to explore this with returning characters like Detective Rama, Yao, and Gorrik.

The setting for the story takes place as you’re asked to join your allies beneath the Jade Sea, discovering not only something ominous but a new illness that threatens not only those in the mines but perhaps the whole of Cantha. 

Along with the new story, players will be able to obtain a whole new weapon set, a brand new holographic cape for your fashion wars, and a mask that you can use to customize and personalize your characters to your taste. Of course, there’s a lot more to be found, but that’s going to take a lot more hard work and the completion of several achievements and events.